Waterdeep: Dragon Heist Hot Off The Press

It'll be available in some stores from September 7th (hey, that's next week!) and most others on the 18th, but Waterdeep: Dragon Heist, the latest adventure for Dungeons & Dragons, has arrived at WotC's offices where Satine Phoenix, Jeremy Crawford, Greg Tito, and Chris Lindsay all posed with the book.



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I’m thinking I’ll end up getting the maps eventually?? And the Syrinscape sound track (with NPC quoted text from some familiar faces!)

has syrinscape become an official D&D soundscape producer? i know they are for Pathfinder.

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Will Gale Force 9 be making supplements to complement these releases?
GM screens, cards for any new spells, etc.

I hope they do a screen for each book. I dig those things.

Also WOTC making a map pack is different. Do we have any details on this?
I'm assuming they're Undermountain maps.

I can't speak to the Map pack. But a Waterdeep specific DM screen is currently with the printers.

From the cover sheet:
This screen is the perfect companion for those dungeon masters running the Waterdeep: Dragon HeistTM adventure. The front features images of bustling streets, looming statues, and quiet alleys to inspire your players. The back displays references for some of the many exciting places to go and things to see and do, as well as the all-important Code Legal, a reminder of what not to do.

Satine Phoenix... I am guessing that is not her real name, or she had it changed?
EDIT: OMG I just googled her. I dunno about WotC, but in most companies it would be a big no-no for hiring someone if googling their name brings up a TON of porn videos... Especially in a time when I have known people who were not hired after their job interviews simply because they had some very visible tatoos.

And for once they are releasing the miniatures at the same time as the adventure. I wonder, when is Dungeon of the Mad Mage out next?

WOTC is just another WOKE company that loves them some diversity no matter what it does to affect their company.

I love D&D, but absolutely despise WOTC...

Get woke, Go BROKE!


I am also tempted to get this for a sourcebook on Waterdeep, easily my favorite city in FR and one I knew the best.

I had the chance to look at this at a game store and here is my quick review.

The adventure seems solid. I like the idea of multiple villains as it could be done again or used for a later season. The flow of the adventure is nice. Not having a lot of 5E, do they not do this often? It seems obvious because it really does help show the idea of the adventure. (I ask because so many are impressed with it as if it was new for them.)

I don't usually notice art but I really liked that they took the same street and painted it as spring, summer, and fall. But not winter? I think there was a missed opportunity there. Having said that, the art they had was good.

My disappointment, and I should have expected this, is that there didn't seem to be any new information for someone old to Waterdeep. Usually, when they did a new supplement on Waterdeep, they would come at it from a new angle for those of us who had previous guides. That doesn't seem to be the case this time. For a new person, it's good information! Lots of the important NPCs and descriptions. For a high level overview, it works well. This is a good foundation for those brand new to Waterdeep but it doesn't bring anything new for those of us who have visited the city for years.

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