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He'll flip ya...Flip ya for real...
Really, the thing is that new groups will pick up what's at the store and run it, and within a couple years the new groups will ne the majority of players.



Morkus from Orkus
If 3.5 should properly have been called 4e, does that make this year's books 7e?
Skills and Powers, 3.5, essentials, etc. did not change things enough to warrant a new edition. We have only had 5 editions of Advanced D&D. What I find amusing is that if they call it One D&D or D&D24 or whatever, it ceases to be 5e at all. They will be changing the name of the edition. 5.5e makes the most sense to me.


Morkus from Orkus
I said in the other thread that I won't be buying 5.5e. However, if they actually put "The 2024 Revisions of the 2014 Dungeons & Dragons Core Rulebooks Which Are Not A New Edition But Might Be A New Edition But Are Not, Honest, Guv, And Are Compatible With The 2014 Core Rulebooks Except For The Bits Which Aren't, But We'll Have A Document Somewhere But It Won't Be Called A Conversion Document As That Would Imply An Edition Which Needs Conversion From Or To And As We All Know Nobody Uses The Word Edition Any More Because That Stunts Sales During The Lead-Up Like How Pathfinder Says Remaster Not 2.5, As If You Thought It Was D&D 5.5 You Wouldn't Buy Curse Of Strahd Any More And We Like It When You Buy Curse Of Strahd (Let's Face It, It's Our Best Book, At Least So Far) But This Is Not a New Edition And Please Don't Call It 5.5 or 6E And Yes We Called It One D&D For A While But Don’t Call It That Either, That Was Just A Joke To Confuse You, We All Had A Good Laugh, And Really We'd Rather You Didn't Even Call It 5E To Be Honest As We Just Want People To Buy Everything Labelled 'D&D' Which Is Why We Don't Brand Things With Setting Labels Any More Which Is Good Business Sense Really So It's Just Dungeons & Dragons, Right? Got It? Stop With This Edition Nonsense, Editions No Longer Exist, This Is The Way [[I Is Mandalore]] (but please buy it you have to as it’s a new edition not really kthxbye love u)" on the covers, I'd change my mind on that and make the purchase. :p


Crusty Old Meatwad (he/him)
There doesn't need to be a poll. It's what happens. It's what is inevitable. Like I said in the previous post, it's not unanimous. It never can be. But it IS what is astronomically most likely.
I infamously made this same sort of prediction when 4e was announced.

Please trust me when I say there is no benefit to this sort of declaration. If you're right, it will be meaningless. If you're wrong, it will be repeated for years.

While I don't predict 5e2024 will fail, it's possible it will fail. It is possible a meaningfully large number of people who previously bought 5e2014 won't buy 5e2024, and that it doesn't gain enough traction with new players.

So consider this a warning from the future you - leave room for doubt.

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