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D&D (2024) We’ll be merging the One D&D and D&D forums shortly

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Heretic of The Seventh Circle
I hear they plan to hire town criers and newsboys to stand outside FLGS and scream out to folks so they are not confused.

"Hear it here; hear it here 2014 5E PHB is no longer the current edition, but 2024 PHB 5E is. WOTC too evil to call it 5.5E to alleviate the confusion. None of shop keeps will have any idea how to help, nor have any of your friends ever heard anything about this. You surely dont have access to all the info you need in the palm of your hand. Here it here; here it here...."
Dude you are out in left field on this.

The staff at my local game shop are about caught up with the fact wotc pissed off some fans a while ago, and that there is something called OneDnD.

Like literally I had to explain beyond that. The kids in the store were split between kids that know about as much as me, and those who had no idea what any of us were talking about, and literally only knew D&D from The MtG set and memes, and kids in between the two.

Most of the kids I ran D&D for At the public library learned about D&D by seeing a flyer at the library or at their school library.

I have introduced at least a dozen people in the last couple years to D&D by sitting down at the table at my FLGS and excitedly leading through the new book in there to buy, and making people curious.

It may not fit your experience, but your snide dismissal of other folks’ experience is getting quite out of hand.

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