We got an official leak of One D&D OGL 1.1! Watch Our Discussion And Reactions!

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At this point, with confirmation from multiple sources, it does seem more and more likely that it's a real leak. If the language seems sloppy and unlawyerly in places... well, it is (supposedly) an internal draft.

And assuming this is the case, I second the motion that we all quit referring to it as "OGL 1.1" and start referring to it as "GSL 2.0," because that's what it is.
How many independent sources are we up to now?


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Wow, I guess this thread blew up. A few things have happened since I posted this original thread:

1) I have heard from other reliable sources that have confirmed that what we have posted so far is legitimate in its current form.

2) I didn't post this to get clicks, trolls, or anything like that. I am genuinely concerned for the future of this hobby if even half of this is true. I have been playing role-playing games since I was a little kid, nearly weekly for over 40 years. I love this hobby, and if this is true (and I believe it is), then I wanted to make sure we all got in front of it as soon as possible.

3) Yes, some of this language seems strange when you first read it, but there is precedent for WOTC's attorneys being cheeky in their language. See this quote from their Fan Content Policy: "#5. No bad stuff. We have the right to stop or restrict your use of Wizards’ IP at any time—for any reason or no reason—including when we think your use is inappropriate, offensive, damaging, or disparaging (and we’ll make that call in our sole discretion). If this happens, you must immediately take down your Fan Content or face the Demogorgon (yeah, the big bad is back from being on loan)."

4) We are fans of Level Up! :) William Fischer works directly on most of our 5E material, and I know or have worked with most of the developers on Level Up!

Still trying to catch up on the thread after my game tonight. Thanks for stopping by!

It doesn’t sound like any of the sources thus far are claiming they have seen the official and complete OGL 1.1. Just that they have these leaked documents that could be drafts or summaries of drafts etc.

Glade Riven

So my personal theory...

WotC is still good friends with Kobold and Darrington and Green Ronin and Goodman and Paizo. Even though they are competing in the RPG space, there is no way they are burning all those bridges. Those companies are all big enough that they can flip WotC off, create a new license between themselves, declare all of Pathfinder part of the new license and this becomes GSL debacle 2.0. There is no way WotC is lighting the entire RPG space on fire like this.
IDK, they did similar with 4e. I've seen too many weird corporate stunts to write it off. And if they do set the whole 3rd party sphere on fire and burn it down, it could trigger an FTC investigation into monopolistic practices (not likely, but possible).

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