We got an official leak of One D&D OGL 1.1! Watch Our Discussion And Reactions!

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As a general rule, if you don’t know what Black’s is immediately, and are looking for Wikipedia help, perhaps you shouldn’t be engaging in snarky responses to posters about legal issues?
Maybe you posted this before reading the rest of the thread to see that Alzrius and I made peace about this?


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I do think that if Wizards tried to go after a third-party publisher by claiming to have "deauthorized" the OGL, that publisher could raise quite a lot of money to pay their legal bills via crowdfunding.
Do any of software's open licenses use similar language as the OGL does in regards to authorized. If so Tech would likely fund the fight if it's based on that argument.


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WotC controls 95% of the RPG market. Another 5% is OGL and older editions of D&D. All other games fit within that last 1%.
I agree that you can have monopoly power without being a monopoly; that said, the definition of a monopoly includes being the only supplier of a particular thing. WotC isn't a supplier of anything; they don't control a particular outlet or service that's squeezing out other outlets or services; just having the hottest product in a particular market doesn't mean you control that market.

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