D&D General What’s your D&D New Year’s Resolution?


So, we’r rapidly approaching the end of the year, have you put any thought into plans for next year revolving around D&D (any version, or fantasy RPG’s in general)?

For me, my 2024 goals are:
- Sell my Planescape and Ravenloft 2e adventures (I have them digitally, and unlikely to ever actually run them. Need the space & money)

- Run Tomb of Annihilation and/or Dragonlance (converted 1E or 5E shadows) for my gaming group.

- Run a one-shot Halloween Ravenloft adventure (5E conversion of Night of the Living Dead, updating and finishing my 4E conversion?)

- Complete my new (handwritten) campaign World journal* “Chronicles of Aquatel” (name still being worked on)

- Complete at least one more journal Campaign World (120~ hand-written pages)

- Make a list of all miniatures I own, tidy up and reoarganize their storage; place the list of minis on a clipboard so I can locate what case they are in instead of making an educated guess.

- Redo the Campaign Cartographer map of my main homebrew of Amberos and get a poster-sized print made

- Put final touches on 5E Bestiary Malfearous and Bestiary Nefarious and get them onto Drive-thru RPG (or at least, get personal POD versions made).

If I can finish at least three of these, I’ll consider the year successful. More so if I can show progress on the ones I don’t fully complete. If I get them all, I’ll be ecstatic.

* This is something I started doing a few months back - buy a journal and fill it with entries detailing the campaign world, a page (or more, as inspired) a day until it is filled. Kind of like the Dungeon23 challenge, but focusing on making a world, not adventure sites.

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If we're restricting it to D&D stuff, the list is pretty short:
  1. Read Dolmenwood books/PDFs, maybe run one of the adventures for a few friends
  2. Make another attempt at parting with my 2e and 3e book collections


  1. To finish writing up my current campaign. I'm about 6,000 words from my target count, so it would be good to get it done. (I don't actually need to write it up to run it, but it's a personal goal to do so for this campaign.)
  2. To conclude my current campaign well. For... reasons, it will be my final campaign with this group, and it may turn out to be my final campaign ever, so it would be good to go out on a high.
  3. Not a Resolution as such, but I'll probably aim to have a third cull of gaming materials. I still have a handful of games I've never run (and, in all honesty, never will), which are better off in other hands. I have a handful of 3e FR supplements that I got for a campaign that promptly collapsed, which I've probably never opened, and which are surprisingly valuable, so I might as well cash in (not the main FRCS - I'm keeping that!). And I have a bunch of random issues of random RPG magazines that are just taking up space.


Lost in Dark Sun
As a player:
Play as a totem warrior barbarian—whose personality can be summed up as “dwarvish Captain America—in my group’s next campaign, due to start in January!

As a game master:
Start work on my next campaign, perhaps best described as Lord of the Rings meets Gamma World meets Legends of Tomorrow.
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Stop planning campaigns that I might possibly one day run, and get off my butt and run one.

So far so good - session 0 of Dragonlance: the Oath and the Shadow is scheduled for January 9…


I don't make New Year's Resolutions. They just seem like a way to punish yourself for failing later in the year. I am going to keep working on my main two D&D projects: Keep my Dungeon of the Mad Mage Campaign going, and start play testing my classless, level-less, spell point revision of the 5E SRD. If that working, I may run my soul gates campaign in it, but I'd have to revise that campaign to deal with some of the changes I've made to the dragons.

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