D&D General What’s your D&D New Year’s Resolution?


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Not sure if I'll play D&D in 2024, but as for fantasy TTRPG I my goal is to run Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay 4e. Get my players hooked with a campaign surrounding Ubersreik (using adventures from the Starter Set, Rough Nights & Hard Days, and Ubersreik Adventures I & II.

If that goes well, then my big resolution is to run through the entire The Enemy Within campaign.

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This year, I wanted to make and post 12 adventures on DMsGuild, but managed to only get 6. I guess I could squeeze another one in that I am working on, but could also make it the first for next year and try to make that goal. 6 is more likely to happen next year.

I'm in the middle of the Stormwreck box set campaign. The PCs just finished with defeating the box and moving onto other things on the island. I have some undead pirates and a sunken temple for the sea goddess. The players are looking for some dragon cultists' right now since they let them get away unknowingly. This might finish come summer in time for the new books to come out and we had some time to look them over.

Not sure what a new campaign will look like. I will look at the new adventure with Vecna, but fear it is not my D&D.


- Complete my new (handwritten) campaign World journal* “Chronicles of Aquatel” (name still being worked on)

* This is something I started doing a few months back - buy a journal and fill it with entries detailing the campaign world, a page (or more, as inspired) a day until it is filled. Kind of like the Dungeon23 challenge, but focusing on making a world, not adventure sites.

I started the Dungeon 23 project with the intention of using it to finally get orf me arf and flesh out an adventure idea I've had kicking around for almost forty years... It very quickly erupted into the birth of a campaign world.
So I'm planning in 2024 to flesh out the world (or at least the five continents I've created so far) and finally draw up the damn dungeon, lol.
I'm doing it with an eye towards writing it up in a fashion that I could maybe even post on the DM's Guild for someone else to use for inspiration.

- Make a list of all miniatures I own, tidy up and reoarganize their storage; place the list of minis on a clipboard so I can locate what case they are in instead of making an educated guess.

I'm currently procrastinating on updating my list of my collection. But not my playing collection - my collecting collection...
I lost the only copy of an accurate list (at the time) when my previous puter drowned. Since then I've sold off a few box sets and acquired some others. But my collection goes all the way back to old Grenadier box sets, with a focus on TSR, Ral Partha, and WotC official D&D minis, and Heartbreaker's M:tG series.

Potentially, after I update my list of my collecting minis collection, I'll get around to making a list of my painting minis collection.

I don't know if this counts as a D&D resolution but ... finish my Abomination Vaults campaign in PF2.
Same here. Are you the GM or a player?

For D&D, I've been trying to coordinate a OSE game for some coworkers that have never tried playing a TTRPG. Aligning schedules has been.. typical for TTRPGs. I feel like I'm setting them up for the true experience with it being this hard to get a session planned. I may have created an unrealistic expectation when they asked how often I play typically and I said "weekly". :ROFLMAO:

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