What Are These Four Unnamed D&D Products?

The folks over at Nerds On Earth spotted four as-yet untitled D&D products listed on Amazon. Often these appear with codenames (such as when we discovered Labyrinth, which was the codename for Tales from the Yawning Portal due on 4th April) and other times they have no information at all other than an ISBN number. We don't know much about upcoming releases, other than that there is some kind of major rules expansion in the works (but it could be anything from months to years off) and that Adventure Time's Pendleton Ward helped on something. Nerds On Earth spotted the following four entries.

Each has the name "Untitled RPG Accessory" by Wizards RPG Team (that's the authorname all the D&D books use). They all have a noted shipping weight of 5 ounces, which suggests maybe that's a default weight (by comparison, the Player's Handbook is listed at 2.2 pounds and Volo's Guide to Monsters is 1.3 pounds). All four are listed as "Brdgm edition", which other D&D books aren't.

None of those items are the big ticket hardcovers, which tend to have a price of $49.95. Sword Coast Adventurers Guide was $39.95, and things like Dungeonology and Monsters & Heroes of the Realms were published by other companies. DM Screens and cards and similar accessories are usually handled by Gale Force 9. WotC's Mike Mearls has hinted a couple of times about a major rules expansion in the pipeline, but the latest is that "We are still deciding what form that will take" - so that sounds like its some way off yet.

What's your guess?

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I am gonna guess at least one book of Art, maybe another SCAG-esque type book with lore stuff, and maybe a book like the EE player companion, with a tiny number of Rules expansions. Not familiar with past editions, so can only guess with a gut feeling.



Probably dice sets? Maybe a few short one shot modules or a Paizo style adventure path?

$20 seems about the range of a DM Screeen while a deck of cards is around $10.
But those could be GaleForce9 products and not the type of product that would be credited to WotC.

There are lots of options. Dice, character sheets, condition cards, campaign workbook, a 64-page softcover book, tokens/ pawns, map packs, dungeon tiles, etc.

It's worth remembering that WotC stopped releasing small products (small adventures, small accessories) because retailers didn't like them. Lacking spine text they vanish on the shelves.
If WotC wanted to do another small booklette (like the Elemental Evil Player Companion) they'd probably do the same thing they did then: release it as a PDF than can be purchases Print on Demand. With the DMsGuild this is even easier...

Even Paizo seems to have stopped doing small one-off modules.

The 64-page softcovers Paizo sells are $23, and WotC would likely charge around $25 for the same, which is the most expensive product in that list. So they *could* have a small accessory planned.
But just as easily not.
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Naked and living in a barrel
They are sort of grouped, so that is interesting.

The October product at 24$ is probably the "third annual" D&D product that WotC has been releasing each year since the start of 5e. Like SCAG, VGtM and that product that was "never cancelled cause it was never announced".

Tokens/pawns would be cool but I'm not sure if they want to do pawns when they have minis. I know Paizo does both and I rather have cheaper great awesome pawns than sometimes shoddy plastic minis.

Maybe a book of backgrounds, character sheets or dungeon tiles. I truly can't guess with WOTC, like I could in the past, they have been doing great in doing things I'm not expecting!

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