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What are Your Table Rules?


Victoria Rules
Rules around here:

- All relevant dice rolling during the session is done on the table where others can see it (preferably using dice that can be read from more than three inches away!). Any relevant out-of-session dice rolling is done where the DM can see it.

- Character sheets generally stay with the DM between sessions.

- If you miss a session your character remains in play, run either by another player or by committee in a manner consistent with its established characterization and personality. If you know up front you'll be missing a game and leave instructons for your PC(s), those will be followed as best as is practical.

- In character, anything goes as long as it stays in character and is at least vaguely consistent with what that character would normally do. If your character has a beef with another character, settle it in character - even if it means one of the characters leaves the party, or even ends up dead. (but if the dispute moves out of character, there's the door...)

- Treasury division methods are entirely decided by the players; the DM will offer suggestions only if asked. That said, someone at the table has to keep a party record of treasure found; this mirrors the DM's own record but without as much info until such info is learned (sometimes the hard way!) via spell or trial-error. (example: player record might say "Item #73 - longsword, moderate magic"; DM record would say "Item #73 - 'Keleroth', longsword +1, double damage vs dragons, berserks wielder when dragon within 50 ft."

- XP division is usually individual, per encounter; characters do not receive xp until the next in-game morning. After each adventure there's also a "dungeon bonus" batch of xp, calculated (sometimes arbitrarily) by the DM based on a bunch of factors.

- Death, level loss, wealth loss, long-term inactivity, and other bad things can happen to any character at any time. Adventuring is an extremely dangerous profession; and the game world is out to make you miserable. Deal with it.

- The setting, or game world, is the DM's purview; feel free to add minor elements pertaining to your character but know that the DM retains full veto power over any such additions.