D&D 5E What classes getting used at your table?


Interestingly, only one multi-class PC (fighter 1, the rest warlock). Which seems to be the general consensus as well by looking at the responses above. The most common classes we play with are:

champion fighter
moon druid
shadow monk

It seems no matter which game we're playing, there is always a moon druid and barbarian present.

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First Post
All at level 4 currently, though the cleric and fighter are getting very close to 5.

Dwarven Cleric (Life Domain)
Dragonborn Paladin (Oath of Vengeance, protection style)
Human Fighter (Battlemaster, great weapon style)
Human Sorcerer/Warlock (Blade Pact, Archfey Patron)

And the dead pile:
Half-elf Monk (Way of the Open Hand; Level 3 at time of death)


Wandering. Not lost. (He/they)
Dwarven Rogue (Assassin)
Human Paladin (Oath of the Ancients)
Tiefling Feypact Warlock (Chain?)
Dragonborn Paladin (Oath of Vengeance)
Dwarven Sorcerer (Wild Magic)
Human Bard (College of Valor)

I enforced pretty strict secrecy as they were planning their characters and told them to make what they wanted. It's a fairly well rounded group with a surprising amount of healing.



Just started the new game last week. We have:
Half-Orc Barbarian
Human Monk
Dragonborn Bard
Tiefling Druid
Dwarf Wizard


Originally BECMI group:
Elven Thief
Human Fighter
Human War Cleric
Halfling Magic-user

Formally 4e group:
Human Ranger
Human Cleric
Halfling Rogue
Tiefling Bard
Human Fighter

Same group, different game:
Mountain Dwarf Wizard
Human Cleric
Halfling Rogue
Tiefling Bard
Human Fighter


The game I'm running has the following:

Dwarven paladin (vengeance)
Gnome wizard (enchantment)
Drow cleric (war)
Human rogue (assassin)

Not the most fun-loving group...a little more on the dour, "kill-em-all" side. :)

The group I'm playing in (we just hit L2, so I'm not sure of all the specializations):

(Me) Human cleric (knowledge)/Wizard (divination)
Half-Elf ranger (unknown spec)
Human fighter (no spec yet)
Halfling rogue (unknown spec)
Human cleric (life)


Crusty Old Meatwad (he/him)
Our Party, which was slightly other things during the playtest:

Halfling Wizard (Evoker)
Bugbear Fighter (Battlemaster) - Bugbear is just a slightly modified half-orc
Bugbear Ranger (Was Hunter, switched to Beast Master)
Human Fighter (Was Champion, Switched to Battle Master)
Half-Elf Rogue (Was Assassin, switched to Arcane Trickster)
Human Cleric (Life)


High Elf Eldritch Knight (slightly deranged, fires magic missile by pointing finger and saying "Pew! Pew! Pew!")
Half-Gnoll Paladin Oath of the Ancients (His dad was a human druid)
Tiefling Transmuter (He's a great cook!)
Dragonborn Evoker (remembers how our last DM gave out +4 magic stuff before he slaughtered most of us and keeps asking for magic stuff)
Human monk of shadow (The loner on a mission of revenge)
Halfling thief/monk (resurrected at level 1 by infernal magic in front of everyone but doesn't know it because no one will tell her).
Human Cleric of War (just had him killed in story by his father tying up loose ends, body dumped in an abandoned mine, and Heironeous resurrects him as a Chosen to protect the land from the coming Age of Worms. The thief got his stuff back. Then I find out the player is moving at the end of the night. So now he is an angel/Chosen like Kara at the end of BG so he can have special guest star status when he drops by to say hi.)


In the game I play in, we have:

Hill Dwarf Life Cleric
Lightfoot Halfling Rogue
High Elf Wizard
Human Barbarian

In the game I run, we have (It's an all human setting):

Human Paladin
Human Ranger
Human Rogue
Human Cleric
Human Warlock
Human Wizard


First Post
Lightfoot halfing rogue (thief)
Half-elf paladin (devotion)
Half-elf warlock (Great Old One; I'm not sure which pact)
Hill dwarf druid (moon)

My group is not using the variant human.


First Post
My group has had two rounds of characters. 1st round was just starting out, 2nd round is now that they have a better grasp of the game and wanted to try different things out.

1st round:

Gnome Wizard (Evoker)
Mountain dwarf Bard (Valor)
Dragonborn Paladin (Oath of Vengeance)

2nd round:
Variant human Cleric (Tempest)
Tiefling Sorcerer (Wild Mage)
High elf Warlock (Blade/Great Old One)

The first player went from the Wizard to the Cleric (going heavy armor and 2Her with thunder/lightning powers) because he always plays Wizards and wanted to try something different. The second wasn't fond of the personality he made for his Bard, and wanted to mess with the Wild Mage as a sort of chaos-enchanter. The third mostly wanted to round the group out, and so went from being the frontliner/semi-healer to a mix of melee and ranged damage.

So far, they have all had great opportunities to flavor their characters how they wanted to. I also houseruled that people can reskin what a spell's damaging element is to whatever they want (rest of the spell's effects stay the same), which worked out well for the Cleric wanting to make his spells into more lightning-flavored things. The Wild Mage is going for a very chaotic enchanting/face guy, which will be interesting to see play out. The Warlock is going for a psionics feel (playing in Eberron) and felt that a Great Old One Warlock would capture that best.

Been a blast seeing them not only have options, but feel like they have options, which was something that they didn't quite get in Pathfinder with most of the classes.


In my group (we don't always see everyone show up)
Wood Elf Tempest Cleric who left her temple because she learned forbidden knowledge
Human Spy
Half-orc Barbarian former slave who is going to go back and free his family
Human Fighter
Wood Elf Shadow monk who joined the party after they rescued her
Dragonborn Circle of the Moon druid
Human Dragon hunting ranger
Halfling Wizard also rescued by the party from some villains
Dwarf Oath of the Ancients Paladin looking for revenge against the giant that killed his father
Wood Elf Fey Pact Warlock charged with clearing her family's honor by bring her twin sister to justice


Enemy of the State
Level 4 game started the weekend that Basic was published. Updated characters after PHB.

hill dwarf cleric of Thor (tempest)
human battlemaster archer
human rogue arcane trickster
half elf paladin (no oath yet)/warlock (fey pact))
half elf bard smarty pants (lore)

human rogue assassin (retired to play pally/warlock)
high elf evoker (retired - taking a break from gaming)
human champion great weapon fighter (retired - player on indeterminate hiatus)

Piston Honda

First Post
Started my first 5e game today at level 1,

Human Warlock (Pact with the Great Old One)
Gnome Wizard (Transmutationist)
Dwarf Fighter (Who was recently imprisoned unjustly, and has people constantly eyeballing him)
Human Barbarian (Uber violent)
Human Ranger (Secret royalty)
Human Monk (Nearly died when a bandit critted hitting him in the face with his empty crossbow, not relevant but was the best moment of the game so far.)


Doing a non accurate tally (that involved "find" on class name keywords and eye balling it for context), we have the following ...

Cleric 28
Wizard 27
Fighter 26
Rogue 22
Paladin 17
Warlock 17
Bard 13
Monk 12
Barbarian 11
Ranger 11
Druid 9
Sorcerer 2
Druid-Monk 2
Fighter-Warlock 2
Rogue-Monk 2
Cleric-Wizard 1
Fighter-Bard 1
Paladin-Warlock 1
Ranger-Wizard 1
Sorcerer-Warlock 1

(note, when I have more time I can redo it with subclass archtypes but was just doing it for main class names for now)

This actually does make me feel better because at every 5e game I've played so far (some of which includes Adventure League play so I was seeing random people each time), more than half of the characters that sat at the table with me were always bards and warlocks and I never saw a single fighter or rogue or ranger not counting pregen characters handed out to someone new. (Though as of this weekend i did see my first fighter and range join us at the table, but the other half of the group was still bards and warlocks)

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