What Core Races have you played?

I have/have not played:

  • I have played a Human

    Votes: 263 95.6%
  • I have never played a Human

    Votes: 9 3.3%
  • I have played a Dwarf

    Votes: 203 73.8%
  • I have never played a Dwarf

    Votes: 61 22.2%
  • I have played an Elf

    Votes: 212 77.1%
  • I have never played an Elf

    Votes: 50 18.2%
  • I have played a Half-Elf

    Votes: 161 58.5%
  • I have never played a Half-Elf

    Votes: 100 36.4%
  • I have played a Half-Orc

    Votes: 120 43.6%
  • I have never played a Half-Orc

    Votes: 127 46.2%
  • I have played a Halfling

    Votes: 172 62.5%
  • I have never played a Halfling

    Votes: 89 32.4%


Doug McCrae said:
Looks like WotC are bang on the money about which races are the least popular - half-orcs and gnomes. Almost as if they've done market research on the subject.
is gnome on this poll? i don't see it as an option. :confused:

i answered this based on the 2000ed and its revision.

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First Post
I've played everything on the list but half-orcs. Dwarves fall off the list if only 3.x counts. Half-elves fall off if PBP games don't count. And the tabletop elf was 3.0, not 3.5 (I ran a 3.5 elf in PBP).

Also a warforged in a tabletop game, a kalashtar in a PBP game, and a fire genasi in a PBP game. And a gnome once. But more humans than everything else.

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