What do you want in a shapeshifting class?


Seems like no matter what happens in D&D, no one is happy with the druid shapeshifter subclass. So what are you looking for in a shapeshifter class, keeping mind it would have to balance with other classes? Meaning, "I want to change into a flying griffin at low level" might not be an option. This is not D&D specific (thus the ttrpg general forum).


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Depends on the shapeshifter.
If it's something like a barbarian shifting into a totemic animal that represents their people (or even just themself and fighting style), then I think it's OK to be really limited in forms.
But if it's a broader, utility shapeshifter, I want variety. The shapeshifter needs a lot of choices within the power of the creatures they can shift into. Ideally, those creatures would start relatively low in power (but possibly high in utility) and get better as the shapeshifter improves in power. I'm OK with the stats being fairly standard as long as the form can be described in a lot of ways. It doesn't matter much if the shapeshifter picks a hare or a cat - they're both terrestrial, tiny, with limited defenses and offensive power and those would be the most important limits.

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Shapeshifting as the primary thing they do. It shouldn't be something they get to do eventually or once in a while.

As a fighter is to a sword, a shapeshifter is to their claws. They should be using it all the time.

If there are limits, they should be imposed on upgrades to the basic shapechanging. Maybe you can't fly constantly at level 1 or see in the dark, but you should be able to change form into something that can keep up with other melee classes.

(Come to think of it, this might be the key to me cracking this class for Shadowdark ...)

Make the Druid into a gish-shapeshifter.
After this, combine it with the Ranger, and change Wild Shape to Primal Invocation. Still 2 uses and you choose if you want shapeshifting, monstershifting, summoning/taming, ranging, hunting Invocations. Can spend a spell slot when you use an Invocation to amplify it in some way.


I could see something like ki points for shifters. You get so many per level to increase your pool, you can regain some after a rest and all at the start of the day. Spend 1 point and you can turn your hands into claws for a few rounds. Spend a couple [points you can turn into a wolf or something. Spend a lot and you can T-rex.

It gives you more versatility to save points for utility or blast them on a big thing.


They should encompass both full body utility shape shifting, and partial transformation to just get claws or owl eyes. I'd like the subclasses to focus on what you're turning into, so you can do the animal shapes, twisted ooze/aberration and chimerical shifter on one chassis.
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