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D&D 5E What fighting styles would you add?


One day, I hope to actually play DnD.
I think Backstabber is too strong. Should probably be just 1d6, maybe go up to 2d6 at 10th/11th level (especially since Rogue could dip into this and effectively get 4 levels worth of Sneak attack bonus). And it should remain limited to 1x/turn.
i don't deny it might be strong but i was explictly designing it for classes who want to lean on a finesse style without getting their damage nerfed by the weaker weapons, 1d8/2d4 might be a compromise? but it's meant to be a boon to rogues, it's meant to used on every attack for the classes with extra attack.
Also, I think a Divine Warrior/Primal Warrior would be a good complement to Arcane Warrior.
divine and druidic warrior are already existing fighting styles, just limited to paladin and ranger respectively.
Finally, on Skirmisher I think I'd make it that if an attacker misses the character, they can use their reaction to move half their speed.
triggering on a miss feels like it's putting in it's work far too late IMO, and does nothing if you do get hit.

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triggering on a miss feels like it's putting in it's work far too late IMO, and does nothing if you do get hit.
Well, protection does the opposite - only triggers on a hit.
Also, there's a good chance that the character is going to be targeted by more than one attack; the more slung in the character's direction quite likely the more opportunities they have to slip away. Finally, if it isn't just limited to melee attacks, but any attack that could open it to come up even more often.

The funny thing is, the "deeper" into the fray the skirmisher gets (more attackers), the better chance they end up being able to get away from it.

If it still bothers you, just flip it so that after being hit, they can then use their reaction to slip away.


One-handed melee weapons deal +2 damage. Two-weapon fighting adds your attribute bonus to damage. If you have a hand not holding a weapon, you gain +1 AC.

Great Weapon Fighting:
When using a melee weapon held in two hands, odd rolls on weapon damage dice are maximized. So a 1 on either of 2d6 from a greatsword becomes a 6.

You gain a +2 to hit with ranged weapon attacks. If you haven't moved since tgmhe start of your last turn, you can make a ranged weapon attack as a bonus action: this reduces your movement speed to 0.

Your unarmed attacks deal 1d6 plus your strength modifier damage, or 1d8 if both hands are free. So long as you have a hand free, you can push or grab as a bonus action.

Your AC is increased by 1. You can replace your dex bonus with your str bonus to AC calculations if you are using a shield. When a creature within your reach, or who you are offering cover to from the source, takes damage, you can reduce that damage by 1d10+your strength modifier as a reaction.

Your ranged attacks do not suffer disadvantage from being adjacent to an enemy. If you weapon attack an adjacent creature you did not start the turn adjacent to, you deal an extra +1d6 damage. Creatures you have damaged cannot make opportunity attacks on you on the same turn.


They are designed to overlap slightly, offer a range of options within them, and give a different style of play for each one.

For example, Duelist and GWF both boost a versatile weapon, and you get +1 AC by holding it in one hand off your turn.

Or duelist and brawler with a hand free.

Defender stacks with most styles.

Skirmisher works well with duelist (more taps) if you go twf style.

Various double weapon feats (pam, double scimitar) work with gwf.

Archer with throwing weapons works with duelist. But archer/skirmisher is also tempting.
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I would just replace them all with a generic bonus that doesn't pigeonhole the character to limited set of weapons from the get go.

+1 to hit and damage with all the weapons the character is proficient with might be pretty balanced.


I'd like a good versatile weapon fighting style, as is, if I pick duelling, there's no reason to two-hand a long sword.

I've thought of maybe something like:
  • Use a versatile weapon one-handed and deal +1 damage.
  • Use a versatile weapon two-handed and gain +1 AC.
That sort of still runs into the same issue though since one-handed would still deal the same average damage and would have +1 AC over using a versatile weapon two-handed.

Other things I've thought of for two-handed (would only receive one, not all) :
  • +2 to hit with reactions
  • Advantage on initiative (doesn't really work with 5e initiative)
  • Make a reaction attack when someine moves into your reach.
I want the benefits to be good without being overpowering, never really found something I was comfortable with.

I'm more interested in expanding on the existing fighting styles so they get new abilities as you gain class (or subclass) levels. Since most of those new abilities will come from feats, I realized there are two styles that are currently only present in feat form:

Mounted combat (also charger)

So I'd add those.

(though I do like the versatile style suggested above, though I think it may be a wee bit overtuned.)


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