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D&D 5E What fighting styles would you add?


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Where did you find this? GM Binder? :)
LOL we made it. It is the fighting styles in our games.

It references rules for Cinematic Initiative we use, such as the Protection Style Intermediate benefit lasting "until your first turn of the next round.:

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I had to ask. ;) GM Binder has a good amount of homebrewed material in it. I like what you did for the Two-Weapon Fighting style. :)
Sure, no problem. I'm glad you like it! Obviously feel free to use anything from it you want. We love sharing. :)




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I wish Sword and Cloak style was a thing.
Oh, that is a good one! I'll have to talk to our other DM and see what he can come up with (he writes most of the houserules). Are you interested in just a basic 5E-type style or something with the Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced degrees like we made?


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Can you post the link for everybody here?
Here's the homebrewery link to the full doc on classes where we first made this (if there is a problem with the link, let me know):

The fighting styles are on pages 24-25.

I've also attached a pdf of just the styles if that is all you want.


  • Fighting Styles.pdf
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Versatile: Any weapon or improvised weapon you attack with can deal 1d8+1 damage.

Dagger? Tavern chair? Mug of ale? Rock? Fireplace poker? 1d8+1.


1. Bladetorch style, for all of us in 2% that do not currently have a character with darkvision.
when you wield 1Handed weapon and lit torch or lantern in the off-hand, add +1d4 fire damage to every attack with your mainhand waepon.
On critical hit, you blind your target unless they make Dex save.

2. Jack of all weapons;
Gain +1 to attack with all weapons/unarmed

1. archery/dueling/gwf in now weapon focus:

pick a type of weapon from:
1Handed melee,
2Handed melee,

you gain proficiency bonus to damage or if it's Heavy 2Handed melee weapon, 2×prof bonus to damage.

2. Defense: +1 AC is a little weak, add +1 damage reduction when you are using any armor you are proficient.

3. Superior technique: wow, this is bad, to add one single condition for one +1d6 damage per short rest is really low.
at least 2 maneuvers known and 2 dice of damage, +1d8.

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