What games are you playing during the holidays

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Most of my usual games are still running (Empire of the Petal Throne, Heroes of Olympus, Tales of the Iron League, Neoclassical Geek Revival, B/X D&D) but on top of that I'm finding myself in a large number of pickup games over the holidays - so far I've played pickup games of Mork Borg (twice), CY_Borg, Troika!, and D&D5e.


Last Wednesday and this, our regular Encounters game.
Last Sunday, Dec 18, at long last, I restarted my Dungeon Fantasy (GURPS) game, last played pre-covid. Off yesterday - for some reason my players all couldn't make it - but we'll continue New Year's Day because we're all nerds and will not be hung over. Left off with them in the middle of a dungeon full of Dragons, ironically.

Whizbang Dustyboots

Gnometown Hero
WoW Dragonflight with the wife, Laybrinth with the family, and running at least one short D&D adventure with the kids (time to do the obligatory "clean out the giant rats from the tavern basement" adventure, although I'm thinking I might have everyone snowed in there during the holidays, adding some urgency to the extermination proceedings).

My son (13) kicked off his winter break with an all-day 5e game with some friends. I usually run a GURPS variant with the family or with one of my adult groups. My wife gave me the Tales From the Loop RPG, so I’ll be reading that and running a session in the next few days. A student gave me Carcassonne before break and we’ve been playing it quite a bit. (I’ve heard of it for ages, but this is my first time playing. Great game.) Finally, we played Ravine for the first time a few days ago. Had a lot of fun, but the game went home with family from afar. Now we have to buy another copy to try it again.

It’s safe to say that it’s a gaming holiday around here!


Well, today we did play City of Mist. It was a bit strange (the game itself is strange). We will finish the adventure sometime next year.

I realized that both that game and Urban Shadows 2e (at least the quickstart) had certain group mechanics that I am not entirely sure fit that well with the games as such (if I understood them correctly). It felt like they were included because other games using the PbtA-engine have them, and not because they serve the game; it was the mechanical connections between characters. I understood it that they were included to create drama between the characters. I have nothing against drama between characters if that is what the game is supposed to be about (Good Society: A Jane Austen rgp, and Pasion de la Pasionés). Here it felt a bit contrieved though, and the character-making took much longer than it ought to, and we even skipped some parts to be able to get to play. And I am not saying that as someone new to narrative games.

I get the feeling from both City of Mist and Urban Shadows 2e, that they are intended for relatively short campaigns.

aramis erak

How about y'all? Is gaming part of your holidays or do you take a break from gaming during the holidays? If you do game, what are you playing this season? Will 2023 bring any changes to your enjoyment of the hobby?
Sat and Sun groups not meeting due to holiday, but Wed group continuing L5R.
Whatever your answer, I wish you all happy holidays and an excellent 2023!

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