Dragonlance What Happened To The New DRAGONLANCE Trilogy?

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For something of this magnitude, the man would have to be a colossal moron to have done this without telling anyone (you can't exactly keep it a secret!). So unless there's some actual proof that he did this alone (and being on a call alone doesn't mean anything) this is hard to believe.

Anyway, I've been arguing ad nauseum about something that honestly doesn't matter much. I was just trying to point out that when "poop hits the fan," a big company usually assigns one person the role of fall-guy to take heat off, even though it's rarely solely one guy's responsibility.
Then people are colossal morons, I've seen it often enough. Done it too, and didn't get caught.

Maybe in education there are more people who think with their hearts rather than their heads than in your line of work?
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I responded to Tracy Hickmans FB post about if DL will be changed to WotCs modern views of D&D and he said they write Krynn they always have.

Which makes me think that WotC wanted changes and they didn't thus the who lawsuit thing and they settled with it being "Classic" now. I'm willing to bet there is a disclaimer at the front like the AD&D material has now.

You will notice these announcments are from the authors and not from WotC, which also tells me they are trying to stay somewhat distant from it.
WOTC isn’t the publisher and they don’t really do much hype for the Driz’zt novels either beyond the new Drow stuff in the recent book. Once we get close to that release day you bet your tuckus there will be articles in Dragon+, D&DB and stuff form WOTC talking about it to some extent, especially the podcasts. It’s D&D and Hasbro will want some dollars off it beyond the licensing fee and royalty.


I'm going to need you to cite a source that says he unilaterally cancelled the Dragonlance books with no approvals or consultation. I'm extremely doubtful this happened, a company with WotC's bureaucracy is unlikely to be able to make decisions like this so easily.

Well, I can answer ONE thing honestly. They didn't come and talk to ME about it and I didn't approve this!

(we'll just ignore that I don't speak for Hasbro or their board or their directors or anything related to it and all that)...

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