What ideas from 13th Age are people using for dnd?


I also think that it's worth noting that if you're playing 13th Age on a physical map, it's still somewhat faster than grid play in recent D&D editions because you're not counting squares or anything like that. I sometimes use maps when I think that the nature of a combat encounter is such that it'll be clearer that way - usually for complicated spaces, spaces with actively harmful terrain, and combat with lots of distinct creatures (where remembering where each of them are even in general terms starts to get tough.) It's a pretty smooth transition.

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A note on fail forward: This is not a mechanic in 13th age or really, any game system. It is simply game master advice that says "if the result of a failed skill check is to stop the story or deprive the player of having fun, rather than simply fail, we suggest having it succeed with a complication".

Most good GMs will do this in any system. If there is a must have clue, then without this attitude either the players stand chance of not finding it, or the GM does silly fudging stuff like "so you all failed Spot Checks ... ummm ... well, maybe you could make Track rolls?" Much better to have failure mean: "You spot it, but not the poison trap. You will now die in about ten minutes unless you can find the antidote in the castle"

This is also a great way to play as it decreases PCs fear of failure. How many GMs know their players will NEVER surrender? When they are used to failure meaning complications, it opens up more plot options and possibilities. Fail the sneak? You get the item, but are captured on the way out. Fail the diplomacy? The king agrees to spare you for the theft, but geas's you to get his crown back from a witch ... and so on.


I'm not sure the original question is quite right for this forum. Instead of porting 13th Age ideas to D&D, the mere fact I'm posting here suggests the reverse - that I'd want to look at D&D ideas to port to 13th Age.

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