What is it that makes goblinoids different from non-goblinoids?


I don’t see any difference and since I started my campaign world in the late 80s, Orcs and goblinoids have all been part of the same humanoid species. I don’t see the need for them to be separate.
How does that work in your campaign world? Do you have a way of picturing their inter-relatedness or do you not focus on that?

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I ended up making all the goblinoids into a single species - they're all plants.

Goblins grow in patches (and sometime wild), looking somewhat like vegetables or fruits when they are "born." This accounts for a wide variety of coloring. As they age/grow their flesh hardens, and by the time they are the size of bugbears they develop a husk that resembles fur. The oldest goblins can grow to immense sizes, their husks becoming bark, and eventually take root at the center of a new goblin patch.

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