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D&D General What is your favorite D&D material/products from a small publisher?


Two supplements that I've recently been getting very good use out of:

Dragon Stew

It's a cooking-related supplement. It includes cooking-related "sub-subclasses" that can be tacked onto any class, as well as more conventional subclasses. And new dessert familiars that can be summoned by the Baker sub-subclass. And two cooking competition adventures. This is all right up my group's alley. The only thing I wish it had is a set of guidelines for writing your own cooking competitions.

Wally DM's Journal of Puzzle Encounters

System-agnostic puzzles, along with suggestions for their use and customization.
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Greg K

I may have missed a view, but below are many of my third party favorites for various editions.
  • AD&D 1e
    • Compleat Alchemist (Bard Games)
    • Compleat Adventurer (Bard Games)
    • Witches (Mayfair Games)
    • Cities (Chaosium)
  • D&D 3e
    • Psychic's Handbook (Green Ronin)
    • Shaman's Handbook (Green Ronin)
    • Witch's Handbook (Green Ronin)
    • Alchemy & Herbalists (Bastion Press)
    • Experts 3.5 (Skirmisher Press)
    • From Stone to Steel (Monkey God Enterprises)
    • Noble Steeds (Avalanche Press)
    • Insults & Injuries (Skirmisher Press)
    • Poisoncraft (Blue Devil Games)
    • Bestiary: Predators (Betabunny)
    • Sharks! (Bards & Sages)
    • Snakes! (Bards & Sages)
    • Spiders! (Bards & Sages)
    • Faeries (Bastion Press)
    • Koboldnomicon (Bards & Sages)
    • Armies of the Abyss (Green Ronin)
    • Legions of Hell (Green Ronin)
    • Advanced Bestiary (Green Ronin)
    • Book of Templates (Silverthorne/Goodman Games (print)) : 3.5 version
    • Toolbox (Alderac Entertainment Group (AEG))
  • D&D 5e
    • ENWorld Site (unless otherwised noted, there are threads with links)
      • Complete Fighter's Handbook Conversion (Jacob Driscoll (@I Am not a banana)
      • Complete Priest's Handbook Conversion (Jacob Driscoll (@I Am not a banana)
      • Complete Thief's Handbook Conversion (Jacob Driscoll (@I Am not a banana)
      • Light Armored Fighter Variant (@Khaalis) : in the download section
      • Witch Class (@bmcdaniels)
    • Websites (free material)
      • GM Binder
        • Humans Redone by WinRar (also availabe on Reddit)
      • Ludus Ludorum
        • Defense of the Humble Sling: revised sling and a slinger feat
      • Tribality
        • Ultimate Adaptability: Variant Humans (Rich Howard)
        • Lizardfolk (Rich Howard)
        • Merfolk: Aquatic Allies for 5th Edition (Rich Howard)
        • The College of the Sea Sea Singers (Rich Howard)
      • Wrath of Zombie
        • Deva PC Race
    • Dungeon Master's Guild
      • 5MWD Presents: Variant Rules (5MWD)
      • 5MWD Presents: Maneuvers & Commander (5MWD)
      • 5MWD Presents: The Beast Master Companion (5MWD)
      • The Witch (Walrock Homebrew)
      • Fortresses, Temples, and Strongholds (Walrock Homebrew)
      • Traders and Merchants (Walrock Homebrew)
      • (Not So) Legendary Actions (Igor Moreno)
      • Scholar (Kyle Grant)
      • Shaman (Michael Wolf)
      • Shaman Class by Pattycaskee (Patrick Mitrega)
      • Warlord (Jody Lee Johnson)
    • Drivethrurpg
      • 5th Edition Horror (Fat Goblin Games)
      • Rituals Expanded (Fat Goblin Games)
      • Simple Settings: Fairy Tales (Fat Goblin Games)
      • Mysteries of the Gods (Tribality): basing this off earlier free versions of 2 of the three Domains (i.e. Exorcism and Spirit) on the website of the author (Brandes Stoddar). The Blood Domain is also available on the author's site
      • Three Sorcerous Arts (Tribality): basing this off the earler free versions of two sorcerous origins (Tidal and Winter Kin) on Brandes Stoddard's website. A version of the Royal sorcerous origin is also available on the author's website.
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