What Licensed RPG Do You Wish Existed But Doesn't?

aramis erak

Bzzz! You're out! ;-)
WotC made an expansion for the Alternity RPG for StarCraft.

Not actually a supplement. It's a fast play scenario, with pregens only, and barely enough of the rules to qualify as "playable without the core."

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Anon Adderlan

Growling Door Games ceased operations, but Salt Circle - the new publisher - still works with the McFarlands, so it's still a no go for me.
I thought it reverted to the original copyright holder and not another company. Looking it up I see it's run by... Jonathan and Morgan McFarland.

So carry on.

To be fair, conspiracy theories have changed a lot since the 90s.
Not really.

Farscape - so I can fail a fear saving throw and fart helium whilst robbing a shadow depository.
There was a d20-based Farscape RPG back in the early 00s.
I completely forgot about this one. Plenty of shenanigans to be had.

Committed Hero

Personally I have no interest in a Harry Potter RPG; that setting makes absolutely no sense outside of the very narrow narrative of the main series (and often not even there).
Rowling doesn't need more of my money, but the school in Harry's 7th year is tailor-made setting for a game.

Haiku Elvis

Knuckle-dusters, glass jaws and wooden hearts.
Fewer aliens, more microchips in vaccines.

How about this: conspiracy theories are less fun because far too many people not only believe them, but are willing to hurt people over them.
I was going to just like this then I thought Is "like" really the right response.
What is the emoji for depressingly correct?


The genre is fine. The actual worldbuilding (if it can even be called that) she did was atrocious.
“Let’s put the secret entrance to our magical train platform right smack in the middle of London’s busiest train station! Make sure the [slur] don’t see you!”

“Let’s use owls, some of the slowest birds ever, as delivery system.”

"The bank is just actual vaults with piles of money and being run by Jewish caricatures."

“Let’s put our teleportation system in a fireplace, so you can risk getting grievously burned if something goes wrong and you carry ash everywhere.”

“Forget electricity, we’ll light up our ancient castle with floating candles that can drip wax everywhere.”

“Let’s have movie stair cases with no safety mesure in our school for children.”

“Let’s teach children how to make mind altering potions!”

“Let’s give a time travel device to a girl so she can get extra credits.”

“Let’s put all the supremacists jerks into one house and all the reckless holier-than-thou types in another one.”

“Here’s a game where children hit each other with sticks while flying 20 feets in the air and the points don’t matter because Potter keeps catching a friggin’ gold ball.”

Whizbang Dustyboots

Gnometown Hero
The genre is fine. The actual worldbuilding (if it can even be called that) she did was atrocious.
I'm re-reading A Wizard of Earthsea for the first time in years and even more than the Magicians novels (vastly better than the TV show, IMO, although that was fun, too), it really shows how little she seems to have thought about any of the implications of how she constructed the world.

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