What Licensed RPG Do You Wish Existed But Doesn't?

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A Final Fantasy ttrpg. My searching pulled up a few fan-made ones but I didn't see one that was official. Don't even bother messing around with movement and whatnot. When you are in a fight you play it out jrpg style. FFX, FFX-2, and FFXII are my personal favorites but you could make a basic system and then put out a book for each game that covers it's unique aspects. Different spells, leveling/job systems, worlds, minigames, technology, etc.

Honorable mention to Mass Effect.


This is a tough one, but I think I have a few.

System Shock - I think it's a pretty good video game series (there were two) and it'd make for a decent TTRPG adaptation. We could call the person running the game SHODAN instead of GM.

Newsflesh - Mira Grant wrote a zombie series. ("Groan, not another zombie game, MGibster." Just you hush!) This is a world where the zombie apocalypse came and went and society is chugging along living with their new reality. Any mammal that's 40 pounds or heavier turns into a zombie so Alaska was abandoned because, you know, zombie grizzly bears. The fun thing about these zombies is the more of them there are they smarter they get. They won't help you with your algebra homework, but in large groups they can coordinate and plan simple ambushes.

James Gasik

Godzilla. After the Legendary movies, I really wanted there to be a game where you could play investigators (perhaps MONARCH agents?) who are trying to find out the truth about the existence of the various Kaiju, and let the players have their own "pet" Kaiju that can take part in giant monster battles.

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