D&D General What Magic Items do you like?


I trend to like misc. items and unique weapons. Like others have stated, a +1 sword is boring , but a +1 sword that lets you cast a spell or see through walls is cooler. One of my favorite items is slippers of spider climbing and weapons that return when thrown.

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I like magic weapons, armor, and shields that do something other than just a +x. They provide some cool options without having to worry about breaking bounded accuracy.

As a DM, I really wish there were more cursed items, preferably cursed versions of existing items. Players would then believe it's the actual item, not the cursed version.


I like potions if there of rare spells or spells way higher than normal, so it feels really special when they are used.

The one my party loved a lot, I gave the party a cursed potion of Invulnerability. You were invulnerable (as the 9th level spell) for 1 minute, but then afterwards died.


Victoria Rules
I like 'em all. Which ones I like most for sheer function usually depends on what character(s) I'm playing. If I'm any sort of warrior I'll take any magic armour and-or shield you'll give me and I'll never stop trying to upgrade it. Magic weapons are great too. If I'm a caster, no-limit rods and staves rock hard, particularly if they perform a function for free that otherwise carries a monetary cost or is otherwise hard to obtain (Rod of Resurrection, here's to you!).

I love no-limit flight, teleport, or other long-range travel devices that allow my character to go where it wants, when it wants. I'll never say no to a Ring of Wishes either. :)

But no matter what, bring on those Decks of Many Things and I'll be a happy camper!

Enrico Poli1

In 5e?

My Paladin starts desiring a +1 weapon and Gauntlets of Ogre Power. Ideally, that becomes an Holy Avenger and Girdle of Storm Giant Strenght. Third attunement goes for Winged Boots or Ring of Free Action. Desired items are also Tomes of +2 Cha and +2 Con, +3 Plate, +3 Shield, Javelins of Lightning, Iron Horn of the Valhalla, Cloak of the Manta Ray, Goggles of Night, Periapt Against Poison.

My Diviner desires Staff of the Magi or Staff of Power, Tunic of the Archmagi, Tomes of +2 Int and +2 Con, Iron Flask, Wand of Magic Missiles, Wand of Secrets, Wand of Detect Magic, Goggles of Night, Periapt Against Poison. Also strives to have a Shield Guardian.

In other editions there were other optimal choices. For example, my 3.0 charger wanted a Rhino Hide as soon as possibile.

My favourite classes of items are 1) magic swords (from +1 Longsword to AD&D2e +5 Vorpal Longsword, to Dark Sun's Silencer of Bodach), 2) Miscellaneous Items, 3) Tomes that raise ability scores, 4) Artifacts


I prefer Wondrous Items (i.e. the miscellaneous items that don't fit into any other category). Things like a Horn of Blasting, a Cube of Force, a Figurine of Wondrous Power, a Cloak of the Manta Ray, etc.

These items often aren't necessary (or even useful) in combat but allow you to deal with many interesting exploration challenges which was always my favorite part of D&D.

My preference for 1st Edition AD&D is largely based on my fondness for its extensive list of non-combat magic items and the adventure modules.


Great Old One
I like odd items that provide useful capabilities more than anything directly combat-related.

Exactly the same here. My favourite item of all time were a pair of gloves that my Magic-User/Thief got that allowed him to dematerialise parts of his hands and forarms and anything that he held as long as it was not larger than a dagger. So he could plunder chests without opening them, etc.

They turned into combat-orientated as well once I got a ring of x-ray vision, as I could backstab guards through walls, for example, which was a lot of fun (although not extra-powerful as there were many limitations).



Powerful "misc" items that create things/effects that can be utilized by multiple people for various things.

Things like a Folding Boat, a Daern's Instant Fortress or a Rope of Climbing even. I like it when a magic item is a benefit for the group as opposed to one specifically for a single PC (e.g., potion of healing, Ring of Protection, Cloak of Elvenkind, etc).


Paul L. Ming


Weird miscellaneous rings, hats, and necklines with weird effects that silly DMs make.

I loved my Goggles of Bonevision and Ring of Cat Movement.


Legit ones that scale. And with the Wildemount and Fizban books, we pretty much get that with 5E as they can be easily reversed engineered to achieve the ideas.

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