WotC What Official 5E non-D&D Game Do You Want To See from WotC?

What non-D&D 5E game should WotC make?

  • Gamma World

    Votes: 34 40.0%
  • Star Frontiers

    Votes: 25 29.4%
  • 5E Modern (not setting specific)

    Votes: 23 27.1%
  • 5E Sci Fi (not setting specific)

    Votes: 17 20.0%
  • Star Wars 5E

    Votes: 15 17.6%
  • Other (Boot Hill, Gangbusters, Etc...)

    Votes: 10 11.8%
  • WotC Should Stick to D&D

    Votes: 18 21.2%


If Wizards of the Coast were to expand their RPG lineup beyond D&D, but assuming they were going to stick pretty close to the 5E system as a base, what game do you think WotC should make? Why? What form would you like it to take?

For my part, I would love to see a new edition of Gamma World using 5E as a base (incidentally, I would also love to work on this, in case anyone important is reading this!). I would prefer to see it return to a more "traditional" form than the most recent edition. That was fun and cool but I like GW as more than a beer n pretzels one shot. The 1992 4th Edition is the one I would use as a model, given my druthers.

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Gamma World/Star Frontiers. I really want more Sci-FI. I think the Star Wars TTRPG is pretty wrapped up now and WOTC doesn't really have a good record with setting agnostic systems. A return to Alternity would also be good, but I had way more fun with Gamma World/Star Frontiers back in the day.

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