D&D General What setting books have you used in your latest campaign.


So in my current campaign I am running a 5e system game of the Pathfinder 1e Iron Gods adventure path set in my homebrew mash up setting.

The world is mostly the setup of the Holy Lothian Empire from Ptolus (I usually reference the big 3.5 setting book but also the very manageable Free Player's Guide a lot) mixed with Golarion from Paizo's 3.5 setting book and set specifically in the barbarian realm of Numeria.

My setting incorporates other setting stuff too but for this campaign a lot of that other stuff is not really relevant and has not come up.

I own PDFs of the Pathfinder 1e and 2e versions of Golarion, but I read the 1e hardcover years ago and that is the version I know best and use as my go to reference for the big picture world aspects.

Of those four reference books I have mostly been going through the Numeria one having read it cover to cover since I decided to run the adventure path which is set in there specifically. The Golarion book has a few pages on Numeria which is good for an overview. The Ptolus one I looked up their technology stuff and the specifically lost technology secret societies and related elements as those are big themes of Numeria and the adventures.

There is also the short section in the first module on the town setting of the first adventure.

Separately based on player interest I pulled out and delved into stuff from the 2e Draconomicon, the 2e Monster Mythology, and the 3e Draconomicon for elements of a draconic deity to build a cult around as a religious institution that a player wanted to be a part of and I integrated into the setting. Also I pulled out GURPS Werewolf the Apocalypse, Werewolf the Apocalypse 20th Anniversary Edition, and W20 Changing Breeds for adding Werewolf and Werebear elements and worldview aspects into the game (works pretty well in a barbarian land) to go with two PC concepts. Other aspects like Shadowrun decking, Mage the Ascension Technocracy, Warhammer 40K concepts, Paranoia, and Star Trek elements I have RPG material for, but did not end up pulling out any so far as I considered and used some of them thematically. That might change as the campaign continues.

So what setting type materials have you pulled out to reference in your current campaign?

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The EN World kitten
Unfortunately, my current campaign is on hiatus due to the pandemic (we just can't seem to get into VTTs), but when we get back together I really want to give a Way of the Wicked campaign a shot. (We tried once before, and ran into a hurdle early on in that the party wanted to escape when they started their Prison Break rather than tearing the place apart; next time, I'll have their patron demand that they wreak havoc instead of just escaping as a test of their prowess.)

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It hasn't started- YET. He is DM'ing first. When it's my turn, I intend to run either Storm Giants or Saltmarsh- with my 3E Forgotten Realms CS. book and others, as resources. (Others meaning Magic of Faerun, Races of Faerun, Silver Marches, etc) Or, perhaps one of Necromancer Games'/S&S Studios Excellent adventures- converted to 5E, and ported into the Realms. Or the OG 3E adventure path- since it was so fun the first time- and the group split up after the 2nd module...

Or I may, instead, set it in Kalamar- and use the Campaign setting and players guide for it.

Those were my personal favorite campaign settings for D&D- aside from Mystara, which I haven't played since B/X days. (missed the whole thing, basically) Very well fleshed out, and I've got loads of stuff for both. I like standard general fantasy. Dragonlance and Ravenloft were awesome, too- but we didn't always want to play in that specific of a genre, you know?

Plenty of fluff in both settings, plus history, maps, and other stuff that doesn't need conversion.


Elder Thing
I use a bunch of Mystara Gazetteers, 3.x Eberron books, the Complete Necromancer's Handbook, lots of old Al-Qadim ideas and materials, Swords & Wizardry modules, World of Xoth stuff, Basic Fantasy RPG stuff, Astonishing Swordsmen and Sorcerers of Hyperboria stuff, a map of Avernus I found online that I think dates from 2e, and that's not counting materials I've written and/or published myself, most of which gets a playtest run in my game as I'm working it out.

I intend to run either Storm Giants or Saltmarsh- with my 3E Forgotten Realms CS. book and others, as resources. (Others meaning Magic of Faerun, Races of Faerun, Silver Marches
I used to do the same thing. I'd start planning a campaign and next thing I knew I had a stack of 10 books I planned to read. I finally realized that I'm never going to read all of them let alone incorporate it into my game. Even if I did, most of my players wouldn't notice anyway. I came to the conclusion, and rightly so, that the less source material I use the better our games are. I made a conscious decision to set our campaign in the Border Kingdoms as its a small area, and the sourcebook is I believe 120 pages of which I've probably only read 25 of them.


Currently running a demon-themed fantasy Egypt campaign, so I'm using...

Hamunaptra: Egyptian Adventures (Green Ronin)
Gary Gygax's Necropolis (Necromancer Games - though a 5e conversion in works by Frog God Games)
GURPS Egypt (Steve Jackson Games)
And a boatload of books/articles from various editions referring to Graz'zt


ORC (Open RPG) horde ally
As someone who didn’t like the Guildmaster’s Guide to Ravnica at first, I’ve since come around to using it as a resource for other settings.

I took everything official about House Vadalis, tossed it out and replaced it with the Simic Combine from Ravnica. It’s still House Vadalis in name though.

I also switched out Dyrrn being the creator of the Illithids, to instead have Dyrrn be the creator of the Qlippoths (protodemon monsters, also from Pathfinder).

Dropped the Cult of Rakdos down into Chelliax. A demon cult that takes the form of a circus wandering around a diabolist monarchy was just too much fun.

I put the City of Salt in Wounds in Rahadoum. It helped make the place more interesting.


I' running the Essentials Box Set modified with some filler things I'm homebrewing. I guess I'm using the 3 core books and the LMoP box set. I have a lot of modified monsters from before and I also use some online sites for background lore on FR that I try and work in.


I always run my own campaign worlds but I buy settings. I own way too many. So I'm informed. I do sandboxes too so I tend to use at least some published adventures which I reskin to align the flavor better with whatever I am doing at the time. I own all the 1e modules (or near enough), most of the basic set modules, and every dungeon crawl classic module through 51 I think.


Greyhawk Folio, Greyhawk Boxed Set, and the Living Greyhawk Gazetteer (limited). I work mostly with the boxed set, but occasionally steal ideas from the Gazetteer. The 2E stuff is mostly trash, as I refuse to acknowledge the Greyhawk Wars.

And a boatload of books/articles from various editions referring to Graz'zt
Same. I dont worry too much about the adventuring area over much, I get a general idea and make up the blanks as I go. I do more more research on whatever creature/god/or entity is going to be the protagonist. Right now Im using orcs so I've been tracking down the various 5E versions as well as other editions such as the Scro and the Ondonti.


Dances with Gnolls
Mostly using the Arcana of the Ancients, and Under the Obelisk.

Will maybe be incorporating other books as well. Mostly for tidbits and perhaps monsters/dungeons.


A Title Much Cooler Than Anything on the Old Site
I've jumped all into Frog God Game's Lost Lands setting. I pay for World Anvil and subscribe to the World Anvil "Lost Lands" world as it gives me a rich campaign world in a fully searchable and cross-hyperlinked format, witch an excellent, interactive world map. They are continually adding content to it, yet, at the same time, it is a huge world with plenty of room to make it your own. I also have the hard-cover books and PDFs.

I also have many of the adventure and regional setting books for Lost Lands the flesh out and provide campaign materials for various areas in the Lost Lands world, including: Rappan Athuk, Borderland Provinces, Northlands Saga, Razor Coast, Bards Gate, The Blight, Cats Cradle, City of Brass, Cyclopean Deeps, Grand Duchy of Reme, Lost City of Barakus, Tehautl, and many many adventures set in the Lost Lands.

But I customize with content from ENWorld articles, lore from Mordenkainen's Tome of Foes, Volos Guide, and MCCM's Strongholds and Followers.

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