D&D General What Should High Level (17th+) PCs Be Doing?

What Should High Level PCs Be Doing?

  • Saving the Kingdom or World.

    Votes: 43 72.9%
  • Building and/or Ruling Kingdoms.

    Votes: 44 74.6%
  • Adventuring for Fortune and Glory.

    Votes: 26 44.1%
  • Unlocking the Biggest Mysteries of the World or Universe or Multiverse.

    Votes: 44 74.6%
  • Traversing the World and/or the Planes.

    Votes: 48 81.4%
  • Defeating Ancient and/or Powerful Evils.

    Votes: 52 88.1%
  • Finding Mighty Items of Power.

    Votes: 42 71.2%
  • Crafting Might Items of Power.

    Votes: 32 54.2%
  • Seeking Immortality or Godhood.

    Votes: 39 66.1%
  • Wresting Power from the Mightiest Beings.

    Votes: 35 59.3%
  • Meddling with the Affairs of "regular" NPCs and factions.

    Votes: 23 39.0%
  • Other Stuff I Haven't Thought of Right This Second

    Votes: 25 42.4%


I voted all of the above because it just depends on the campaign. In my campaigns? One had the group dealing with two threats to their home city, one an ancient evil (a giant/god that had been put into long term coma by Thor was stirring), and an ancient dragon pretending to be human to take over the country. In another I had them stop a giant/fiendish invasion (both are Jotun in my campaign world) and then brought in an evil NPC that had taken over their city while they were dealing with the invasion. More of a setup for possible future shadow enemy in future campaign than anything.

So for me it's a mix of just plain old politics, invasions, ancient evils. Maybe the next one will end with recovering an ancient dwarven empire or ... well who knows. That's a long ways away and this time I don't have any overt threat pending.

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Micah Sweet

Level Up & OSR Enthusiast
Any of those things can work, depending on the campaign. I'm honestly not a fan of very high level PCs in modern D&D in any case (i think personal power should be capped at no higher than 14, and high-level spells be turned into expensive, hard to source and cast ritual magic). But if you are doing high level in WotC D&D (the version almost everyone assumes in "General D&D" threads), you can appropriately perform any of those tasks.

Blue Orange

Gone to Texas
That's what most matchmakers do though: cause unrest and disturbance by putting their noses in other peoples' business. Like Mystery Inc and Scooby Doo.
"And I would have gotten away with it, too, if it hadn't been for those meddling 17th-level wizards, clerics, and fighters!"

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