D&D General What Should High Level (17th+) PCs Be Doing?

What Should High Level PCs Be Doing?

  • Saving the Kingdom or World.

    Votes: 43 72.9%
  • Building and/or Ruling Kingdoms.

    Votes: 44 74.6%
  • Adventuring for Fortune and Glory.

    Votes: 26 44.1%
  • Unlocking the Biggest Mysteries of the World or Universe or Multiverse.

    Votes: 44 74.6%
  • Traversing the World and/or the Planes.

    Votes: 48 81.4%
  • Defeating Ancient and/or Powerful Evils.

    Votes: 52 88.1%
  • Finding Mighty Items of Power.

    Votes: 42 71.2%
  • Crafting Might Items of Power.

    Votes: 32 54.2%
  • Seeking Immortality or Godhood.

    Votes: 39 66.1%
  • Wresting Power from the Mightiest Beings.

    Votes: 35 59.3%
  • Meddling with the Affairs of "regular" NPCs and factions.

    Votes: 23 39.0%
  • Other Stuff I Haven't Thought of Right This Second

    Votes: 25 42.4%

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Morkus from Orkus
I answered yes. There isn't a thing on that list, including the "you didn't think of it category," that isn't in the wheelhouse of high level PCs. :)

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