D&D General What to use from Flee Mortals! ?

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I built out an enemy "party" / strike team using the Iron Pact as a base sample, tweaked to be a reflection of my player's classes. That worked pretty good, although I did a terrible job remembering all the reactions (and probably built too many).

I've otherwise been using the rest as written to be a quick balance and interesting to run encounter set, re-tokenized/skinned as needed.

I own the book and I want to use the enemy party stuff too. The only thing in this book I wasn't super excited by were the dragons; they felt too stock to me still. Rest of the book I plan on righteously stealing from in my next campaign. Will report back.

yeah it hit every one of my nostalgic buttons and agree with the methodology, but trying to figure out a quick and dirty way to convert my monsters over to using this model (because, whoa Nelly, I have done a stupid amount of monsters and even starting the process is a daunting task).

I really like the way they did pets. they came to the same assumption i did: pets should be party focused, not pc focused.

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