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What would you like to see in Baldur's Gate 4?


Assuming it ever happens and given this thread, what attributes would you like to see in BG 4?

- A game engine similar to BG 3 (i.e., Larian's version of 5e)?
  • A game engine similar to Solastra:CotM (a more faithful interpretation of the 5e ruleset)?
  • Something else entirely?

  • A direct continuation of the BG 3 storyline, including the characters, such as following the post-game shenanigans of Karlach, Wyll, Laezel, etc.? (No spoilers here in case folks have not finished BG 3)
  • A tangent of the BG 3 story and characters where the main NPC's make cameos?
  • Something entirely new and not dependent on the BG 3 story or characters?

  • Keep it in or around Baldur's Gate?
  • A different geography within the FR (Dalelands, Icewind Dale, etc.)?
  • Starts in Baldur's Gate but then goes plane hopping/Spelljamming?

This is just a starting list. Feel free to expand!

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Fully-supported Evil playthroughs that are just as fleshed-out and rewarding as the Good and Neutral ones where the Evil options aren't just acting like a sadistic serial-killer with no impulse control.

Quests involving Umberlee, Malar, The Red Wizards of Thay, The Cult of the Dragon, The Zhentarim, at least one Manshoon clone, Jarlaxle Baenre, Yuan-Ti, kobolds, a magefair, and getting Elminster Aumar to stop being a deadbeat dad and pay child support.

Options for the protagonist to achieve apotheosis of some sort (dragon, lich, god, tentacle monster, etc.).


TBH, I'd rather get a DnD videogame set in a non-Forgotten Realms campaign world. Eberron would be my first choice, but Spelljammer, Planescape or Dark Sun would be also interesting.

So, if it had to be BG4 ... then a campaign that does go up to the upper tier of play (up to level 20) and incorporates some extraplanar travel.


Trust the Fungus
Obligatory Snark Answer: The Larian Studios logo.

Barely Better Serious Answer: Same rules, same game engine, different art styles and different campaign settings-- give the full BG3 treatment to all of the D&D games between the Gold Box and BG3 itself. Pirates of Realmspace 2, Shattered Lands 2, Planescape: We're Never Going To Call it 'Torment 2' But We Sure Hope Our Fans Do. Literally hire Brom and DiTerlizzi for all the character and environment designs.

I have a question

When dragon age came out they did a connected sequel called dragon age awakening
How hard would it be for a studio to basically do the same thing? Not sure if anyone played the game but awakening had your character with their ending gear and transported them into a new region. Wotc could basically use a new area like waterdeep with just some or all characters returning ?

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