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What would you like to see in Baldur's Gate 4?

Heresy time: Although I understand the value of the brand name, I'd rather they show us something new/new in the 21st century. Have BG4 be a sequel to Icewind Dale or Neverwinter Nights or something.

Visit multiple cities along the Sword Coast. Visit the Dalelands. Those are still pretty vanilla -- which is probably the safest way to go, commercially -- but would incorporate a wider variety of flavors and textures.

Alternately, if they want to get a little bolder, give us a (better) Underdark-driven campaign. Intrigue amongst the drow, where the consequences for a bad social roll can be very serious would be appealing.
I don't think it's heresy. I think most people who played BG3 and enjoyed it would prefer a D&D game set somewhere else rather than in exactly the same place.

As an aside, if one bad roll with 5E's high RNG has very bad-seeming consequences, all you're going to do is make most people save-and-load a lot. Giving people dramatic choices that they own, rather than making them get screwed by dice, is much more effective in this kind of game. Like, you'd already have to have knowingly put yourself in a very risky but potentially rewarding position where you were relying on one or two rolls going right. I don't think they could do Lolthian Drow though because WotC would never approve the wildly sexist society being a protagonist thing.

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Whizbang Dustyboots

Gnometown Hero
I wouldn't want the bad consequences to be insta-death, except where it's obvious that a possibility (the party barbarian trying to intimidate a house matriarch's personal guard), but rather have a bad social roll change attitudes and change what might happen in future.

"This is the fool that said that in the house's box during the gladiator fights? I'll bear that in mind, thank you."

Intrigue, rather than insta-death.


I have a question

When dragon age came out they did a connected sequel called dragon age awakening
How hard would it be for a studio to basically do the same thing? Not sure if anyone played the game but awakening had your character with their ending gear and transported them into a new region. Wotc could basically use a new area like waterdeep with just some or all characters returning ?

I think that was the general idea that WotC was after for Larian to do before Larian decided not to do it.

My IMPRESSION was that Larian was (at a minimum, perhaps even more) taking a break from BG3 and doing something else, but WotC offered gobs of cash and lots of persuasive negotiations to get them to start working on this type of expansion.

However, things fell apart, Larian decided that they really were tired of BG3 currently and wanted to go with their original plan to take a break...if WotC wasn't happy with that idea then Larian had fulfilled their part of the bargain and everyone could part ways amicably (or so some thought...probably at WotC...I mean...it is amicable for the most part...right?).

So, I think that's what WotC wanted...but that's not what WoTC is probably going to be able to get currently.


Yeah, I'm not sure that they SHOULD do a Baldur's Gate 4. I mean, they should absolutely do another D&D Video Game of that sort, but Baldur's Gate has been done.

Do Planescape Torment II or Icewind Dale.

Or better, do an Eberron or Spelljammer game that is all-new.

Another great idea would be to follow a classic D&D story like Against the Giants all the way to the Drow stuff.

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