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What would you like to see in Buccaneers & Bokor?


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Adamant Entertainment would like your input on the content for future issues of Buccaneers & Bokor.

Our intention is to continue our main focus on the Golden Age of historical piracy, with fantasy added (in other words, the core setting of Skull & Bones and the Pirates of the Caribbean films), but we're also expanding to include some content of use to fantasy campaigns who want to add nautical/piratical content.

With that in mind, what would you like to see? The sky's the limit. Suggest anything, and we'll consider it.

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The first thought that comes to mind for me is deck plans for ships, much like the nicely detailed set for the brigantine presented in Corsair.



NMC said:
The first thought that comes to mind for me is deck plans for ships, much like the nicely detailed set for the brigantine presented in Corsair.


Great idea! A sloop would be my first choice.

I'd also like to see Caribbean ports of the time with a basic map, a few locations, NPCs and adventure hooks. Ready-made ship encounters are good too.

I'll post some more stuff to this thread when I think of it.




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Instead of bringing more generic fantasy elements into Skull & Bones, maybe a few articles showing how to inject a little Caribbean flavor into a generic fantasy setting would be the way to go.

For example:
Voodoo Elves
Cannibal Halflings
Caribbean Dragons

Otherwise for "standard" S&B articles I would love to see:

1. Mystic Navigators - The whole idea of maps literally creating the world and knowledge defining reality is fascinating and could be expanded upon.

2. Politics - The shifting alliances, major players and perhaps a brief timeline of the political situation in the Caribbean.

3. The Inquisition - What were they doing, who were they up against and exactly who did the dirty work.

4. Local Legends - I'm sure just about every small town or island has a few ghost stories, historical footnotes or other tales that the locals tell visitors.

5. Ports of Call - Like the Uncharted Shores except they would just be interesting or useful locations like a smugglers market, native ruins, pirate friendly ports, or a sugar plantation.

6. A Year in the Life of a Merchant Ship - Where does she go at what time of the year? Who does she meet and what does she carry?

7. Maps, Maps and more Maps!
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Hmm... when I thought about fantasy flavour in the S&B setting, the first thing that came to my mind was a little bit of aztec culture. Maybe some hidden aztec tribes that survived the time of suppression by Spain. Some general information about it, or an adventure, or even a detailed description of some spot on the east coast of Middle America would be nice.

Another thing that interests my players (not me as a GM because I prefer style instead of crunch) is some more classes. I really enjoyed the sea witch, some more prestige classes could put a smile on the face of the players. What about gunner/explosive specialist, veteran, christian priests... ?

I for myself could stick to the core classes presented in S&B and the PHB, but B&B has featured the game master a lot and maybe its time to make some good time for the players, who want to count their strength in numbers (not our style of gaming though, but would attract a lot of people in my opinion).

Ready-made ship encounters are good too.
Also my first thought!

Sometimes the players spontanously decide to rob one or two merchant-ships, just for the quick fun. ;) Thus it would be a great help for the GM to be able to quickly come up with a fitting prey! In one Issue of B&B already has been a "Random-Sea-Encounter"-Table wich was quite nice, but writing all stats (ship, crew, captain, cargo) is to time-consuming to be done spontaneously at the table IMHO...
Ready made ship-encounters which include all this would be awesome!

[shameless demand]Of course there should be different "Challange-Ratings", ranging from 'small Brigantine with Rabble-Crew' to 'big West-Indiaman with hardend seaman' - high-level pirates also want to have a little challange! :cool:
A random chart for the cargo would be nice, too![/shameless demand]

Really sounds like "Hey, I'm too lazy, why don't you just do my job?!", but hey, you've asked... :p
Ok, what else...?

some more prestige classes could put a smile on the face of the players
The core classes are (IMHO) good and sufficient, but more options of character-devolpment are always good! By the way: What about some new, flashy-swashbuckling feats?

Oh, and last but not least: Adventures!! (e.g. "The Terror of Bushiribana) and Adventure-Paths ("The Gouvernors Prize")

That's all I can think for now...

- Esteban de Acevedo

P.S.: Oh, and of course: Hi everybody! ;) Just signed up for this post! Doing a great job, Gareth!
P.P.S.: Please excuse my bad english! :uhoh:

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