TSR Whatever Happened To TSR's Michael?

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Ha, no.

I don’t envy your job as PR guy for whatever 3SR wants to call itself now. But I also don’t have much sympathy for anyone who would work for them after they broadcast their hate to the world.
I understand, the individual that was responsible for those terrible tweets is no longer with TSR.


I crit!
Say what?

I was under the impression that Sir Knight LeNasa was the one who was kicked out? I heard he fell on a hard time, having to force his employees to fight in cheap nameless brand gruel instead of his usual grit!
No by the power of the grits he still holds sway over the weak willed and weaselly. His deception game however is still ridiculously blowing a gasket. "TSR-Hobbies" with the lizard and TSR logo? Sure.

Those are sure signs that you can depend upon them!

Not quite sure I follow you here sorry.
I mean rebuilding the entire I.T. infrastructure.

I'm not sure if this is just a case of Poe's law in action, but this comes across to me as being completely and totally disingenuous. The current version of TSR-Hobbies has a small handful of employees at most. There are no tech products. The website is a couple pages hosted on GoDaddy and using their basic page builder. The forums are on Discord. There is essentially no IT infrastructure to talk about. What IT there is could've been set up in a couple days, and hasn't been updated in months. TSR might as well say "We're getting ready for an ISO audit" or "We're getting ready to submit to the FDA".

This current incarnation of TSR has had significant issues with transparency, and posts like this really, really aren't helping with that. I'm still not sure if Michael is a troll or not, but it would essentially be better if he was than to get this type of response when asked what the company's been up to.


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Saying that statements are "invalid" is absolutely not the same thing as apologizing, as many have noted in other threads on the same topic. That's like punching someone in the face for no reason and then when they and other people get angry at you just saying "that punch should be considered invalid".

That's not an apology, that's a cop-out and attempting to gaslight the community.

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