D&D 5E What's D&D's closest equivalent to buzzard-people?


Monsters, not PC races: if I want something that's effectively a humanoid carrion-eating buzzard, what's the closest monster (from this or previous editions) to adapt? I'm considering aarakockra and harpies, but I'm sure I'm missing something obvious.

Thanks for any ideas!

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Depends I guess on if you want it to be a race or just a monster.

Edit: Oooh, refluffed kenku... "Carrion-ku". I like it.
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Harpies are definitely buzzards, or vultures. (Buzzard is a weird term in ornithology.) But they have other baggage you may not want. Honestly, if you want the carrion-bird-humanoid, you use tengu/kenku. Or Vrocks.

I suspect the existing stats don't really reflect what you want them for - do you want some kind of "carrion-eating" powers?


I can't think of any specific creature other than the vrock. That means reskinning and doing your own.

Depending on how extensively you need this race, I would reskin several different creatures out of the MM. I am assuming you want something that has a fly speed built in. Each would make it easier for a different CR. Aarakocra, Angel, Axe Beak, Vrock, Flying Kobold, Harpy, Mephits, Giant Vulture, Wyvern. And those are just the creatures that could work that already have a fly speed built in. Then you can swap out powers from other creatures.


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Yeah, harpy crossed with aarocraka.

Maybe tell us what you want it to do and we can brainstorm one or two racial traits to slap on an a harpy or vrock.


First thing that came to my mind. What was the name of that race ripoff from Basic or maybe it was a 1e module. Don't really remember....

Thank you google...the Nagpa. These guys.

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Obviously there is no 5e material for them, so you have to do them up from scratch regardless...and they don't appear to fly.

Just as i suspected!

The Dark Crystal 1982

The Nagpa 1983... :)



Steeliest of the dragons
Yep. Like I said, total rip off. One of D&D's earliest in the long tradition of -cough- "borrowing -cough- ideas" and trying to pass it off as their "creative fantasy".

the Jester

I think the nagpa might be exactly what you're looking for- they're originally from BECMI (I believe) and are found in the 4e MM2 or MM3.

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