When and what game did you start with.

Hand of Evil

Oh, to add a bit more of my history and moving from fantasy, 1980 Car Wars was the first game getting to Sci-fi. I love that game! That lead to Gamma World and Boot Hill about the same time. Then came 1985, my first year at Gen Con and the dealer room...it was a Wonka moment for me.

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Loved Gamma World; played on the shared fears of every Cold War kid!
I set a campaign in the ruins of my home town and surrounding areas, which made me feel surprisingly guilty.


I started in 2007 with a home brew rules system created by a friend and some of his gaming buddies. It was a generic system, and we used it for a Victorian-era gothic horror action game. (In retrospect, it was kind of like Rippers for Savage Worlds.)

I didn't get super into roleplaying, though, until 2014 when a friend started up a D&D Next campaign. It went on long enough that we eventually transitioned to 5e proper. Since then I've tried several more different games.


Started playing in jr high (88/89) playing 1E D&D. I'd already watched the cartoons, and played a few rpg video games. I can't remember if I played Heroquest before then or after, but it was right about that time.

Esau Cairn

I grew up in Hunstville, Alabama, so--perhaps appropriately--instead of D&D it was Traveller that my best friend across the street got around Thanskgiving, '77. That Christmas, visiting relatives, I introduced a couple of cousins and a friend of theirs to rpgs with Traveller (who didn't want to be Han Solo in 1977?). The cousins never played again, but their friend ended up six years later going to the same military boarding school as me, and then we ran into each other again twelve years after that in Yellowstone Park; we've been friends and/or neighbors off and on since then.


Druid of the Invisible Hand
Summer of 1993-- started with First Edition AD&D and 2e Gamma World, bought a bunch of BECMI and 2e supplements because I didn't know better. Ended up switching in 1995 or so, when I moved and had to find a new gaming group.

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