D&D 5E When did you last buy a WotC D&D5e product? (not a third party or DM Guild)

When did you last buy a WotC D&D5e product? (not a third party or DM Guild)


Castles and Crusades is now my 'home' D&D Fantasy game. Traveller is my home sci fi game. I love to play WFRP from cubicle 7, and Runequest so I'm jsut sticking basically to OSR now. Not even looking at other modern games, just buying updates of old ones Like WFRP and Traveller.

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I wish they'd just do a subscription model to access rulebooks and that kind of content. I'd be ok purchasing the modules and other stuff ad-hoc but I just can't bring myself to pull the purchase on the bundles and I'm only going to buy a accessory book if I think I'll use it. The result is I just have a few books and have spent less on 5e than any edition I've played.

Book of Many Things, 2023!

I bought every book ever published by WotC for 5e, and I promised myself to go full digital with the “updated” version as from 2024.

let’s see if I manage to keep that promise!


I think the 50th is going to be an empty appeal to Nostalgia. They will make fascimile versions and such. It will be Empty, like that OD&D Fascimile book they are talking about releasing. WOTC is so far removed from Classic Dungeons and Dragons I don't even bother with them anymore.

Distracted DM

Distracted DM
Planescape! Pretty neat, but I came to a realization a while ago that the way DnD is written isn’t directed towards me anymore. At 38, I’m not the targeted demographic.
For me, before Planescape it was Spelljammer. I messed up my vote cuz I forgot about PS this year :')

I was so burned by SJ I didn't get anything else ... Til PS. But that's been it 🙄

I guess another relevant question would be "how many products did you buy before you stopped?"

For me it was all of them, physically and digitally; Spelljammer stopped me. That was the final straw after some hated design choices etc like some Tasha's subclasses etc.

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