D&D 5E "When (or If) I play(ed) in multiple 5E D&D games, I'd want them to all use the same rules/house rules." (a poll)

"When (or If) I play in multiple 5E D&D games, I want them to all use the same rules/house rules."

  • True.

    Votes: 12 11.9%
  • False.

    Votes: 89 88.1%

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Ravenous Bugblatter Beast of Traal
House rules fall into two categories for me - ones to improve gameplay/fix rules, like drinking a potion only takes a bonus action, and ones to provide a unique feel for a particular game, like this sandbox exploration game is using gritty rest and a few others or that game is using some wuxia-inspired ideas for fantastical effort based on skill proficiency.

The first part I wish was part of the rules, so I wish it was in every game.

The second part completely defeats the purpose if it's in every game.

I'd rather try things that are unique and fresh than have a few tweaks to the system, so I voted false.


Heretic of The Seventh Circle
Let's say you are one of the lucky few to have the time to play in more than on 5E game at a time. If that is or were the case would the following statement be true or false for you:

"When (or If) I play in multiple 5E D&D games, I want them to all use the same rules/house rules."
Not me.

I don’t even use the same rules and homebrew when I’m the one running multiple games.


Want them to- sure, and I would expect them to if I was playing with my normal group and another player was the DM. If I went to another table of people, I would expect some to be different and some that I could steal or hate.


The High Aldwin
I play in two groups right now and I am DMing in both.

In one, it is heavily house-ruled with experienced players.
In the second, it is RAW with relatively new players. I might incorporate house-rules later as they gain more experience.

My group runs two concurrent games and we tend to use similar houserules. They're not exactly the same though, and different variants get chosen based on the necessity of the game.

James Gasik

I wanted to say true, because the game is a lot easier when you're not constantly having to readjust for house rules, and can have a good expectation for how things will work.

But, at the same time, that would stifle creativity when creating interesting house rules, and I wouldn't want that. So, false.


D&D Playtester for WoTC since 2012
I play in multiple 5E D&D games and prefer them to all use the same rules, with few variant or houserules.

To be honest i'm not a big fan of games that stray too far off the core rules as they fail my expectations.

And if a game do use variant and houserules, i prefer them to be known in advance as much as possible rather than be impromtu mid-game changes. I'm not talking about ruling, where the DM has to adjudicate based on its interpretation of the rules or the absence of one, but on deviating from the published core rules as we know them.


No, because I usually enjoy a variety of styles and experiences through different dungeon masters, including their interpretation of the rules. For that matter, it is rare occasion when the different campaigns I play in or run even use the same system.


A Title Much Cooler Than Anything on the Old Site
I feel that the more people play the more they are going to accumulate home rules, either based on the DMs preferences, the groups preferences, the nature of a specific campaign, and most likely a combination of all the above.

I would be interested in knowing how many new GMs start with home rules versus trying to stick to RAW or experienced GMs starting with a new system, do you try to stick to RAW for a while?

My preference is to initially stick to RAW and really learn the system. Even then, I do find that I tend to jump into home rules that I latter determine to have balance issues. Well, "balance" is the wrong word. I'm not THAT concerned about balance, but sometimes what seem like minor tweaks can have really change the nature of play.

My current campaign has been running a few years. When it wraps up, I'm thinking of running a few mini campaigns so that I can explore more rule variants and play styles.

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