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Life, the Universe, and an Adventure that Starts with Stirges
Welcome to Hammerfast(again)
As winter bids its farewell, Hammerfast finds itself grappling with diminishing supplies. Although the available sustenance retains its nutritional value, its overall quality leaves much to be desired. Today, on March 19th, heralds the arrival of spring—a bustling season for the town as it readies itself for the initial surge of merchants for the year. The arduous task of clearing and repairing the Iron Road and Trade Road is underway, with Laborers toiling along those roads. Accompanying them for protection are Hired Mercenaries, tasked with safeguarding against potential threats. Occasionally, when a wild denizen encroaches uncomfortably close to the Road, the expertise of Adventurers are sought to address the situation. The Trade Guild, the most influential political body in Hammerfast, takes charge in all such matters.

A week has passed since the Gang claimed the bounty for Wild Tom. During this time, they've walked the Wards of Hammerfast, with a particular focus on the Gate Ward. Presently, their residence is the Arcane Inn, an inviting two-story establishment complete with a basement hosting a quaint library and a warm fireplace. The inn's proprietors, McCann and Stella, choose to unwind in this subterranean haven during their evenings, indulging in either a sip of cognac, if it's on hand, or the peculiar delight of Dwarven Hooch when the former is unavailable.

The Gang has forged connections with the locals, establishing a rapport with the denizens of The Foundation Stone tavern, a hub for the latest gossip. Additionally, they've familiarized themselves with the Market Square, albeit noticing that only a quarter of its stalls are currently occupied. Beyond its role as a mere marketplace, the Square serves a crucial function—it's the primary gathering spot for Guild Criers. These mercurial messengers convene every mid-morning, amidst the Square's bustling atmosphere, to herald announcements of employment opportunities tailored for those engaged in the Adventuring profession.

Each morning, select members of the Gang could be found lingering at the Market Square, eagerly awaiting lucrative employment opportunities. However, as the week unfolded, a persistent theme emerged—an incessant summons for Adventurers to embark on daring raids into the enigmatic Stonhell Dungeon, an imposing structure with depths shrouded in mystery. No tangible rewards were proffered by the Guilds; instead, the appeal rested solely on the audience's intrinsic sense of adventure, coupled with the tantalizing promise of abundant loot concealed within its confines. The Gang, however, remained indifferent to such entreaties. The prospect of delving into the formidable depths of Stonehell seemed an imposing commitment, and their enthusiasm waned in the absence of any tangible incentives.

Meanwhile, the group gleaned three intriguing tidbits of gossip over the week. Firstly, news arrived that The Watchers of Gorhan would be embarking on a journey to Stonehell Dungeon come March 19th. Secondly, during this lingering mud season in Hammerfast, the noticeable absence of the usual number of merchants raised some eyebrows. The first caravan of the season should have arived by now. Thirdly, a librarian from the esteemed Lore Guild was spotted indulging in a drink at the Foundation Stone recently, sharing an enigmatic observation—two stars were conspicuously absent from the night sky. The significance of this celestial anomaly remains elusive. Captivated by the mystery, Eni resolved to delve deeper into this intriguing rumor. (2 xp)

Eni located the librarian, Durnel, savoring his customary evening drink at the tavern. Confirming the rumor became possible as Durnel emphatically vouched for its authenticity. Their conversation seamlessly transitioned into the topic of celestial bodies and their enigmatic origins. While the genesis of the Stars remains shrouded in mystery, Durnel shared an intriguing detail—the Eladrin, an ancient precursor species to Elves, were initially tasked with safeguarding these celestial wonders. The librarian conceded that the current existence of the Eladrin remains uncertain. However, he revealed that access to the night sky is intricately tied to the Eladrin's ancestral abode—the Celestial Tree, nestled in the world-mirroring realm of the Feywild. Regrettably, Durnel was unable to provide insights on the means to traverse into the elusive Feywild.

Following his discourse with Durnel, Eni proceeded to engage Stella and McCann in their quaint library. The couple savored the remnants of their cognac supply, though they couldn't shed light on the specifics of Stars or Eladrin. Nevertheless, they did furnish Eni with a comprehensive overview of the universe's structural framework. In agreement with their insights, Eni reflected on his prior education in Iruk, noting the striking resemblance to a parallel cosmic theory, albeit expressed through different nomenclature.

However, the conversation took an unexpected turn, revealing a revelation that compelled Eni to acknowledge the astuteness of these innkeepers. In Iruk, Klazath is revered as a Lawful God, exclusively worshipped by the Royal Guard. Contrarily, in Nentir Vale, Klazath assumes the guise of Gruumsh—a Chaotic God venerated by Orcs. This stark disparity led Eni to speculate on intriguing secrets harbored by the Royal Guard of Iruk, casting a newfound light on their beliefs and practices. No matter. Cthulhu will consume it all in the end, anyway. Chomp.

According to the sagacious innkeeper, the universe unfolds across three distinctive planes of existence:
  • The Chaotic Plane, aptly named as the Elemental Plane of Chaos, serves as the origin for Demons and Elementals.
  • The Lawful Plane, also known as The Astral Plane, is the celestial realm where gods find their origin.
  • The Neutral Plane, recognized as the Material Plane, encompasses our world, the ethereal Feywild, and the enigmatic Shadowfell.
The narrative unfolds with the creation of the world by the Elemental Lords of Chaos, followed by the infusion of life by the gods residing in the Astral Planes. A grand conflict akin to the mythic clashes of Greek gods and titans ensued. Eventually, the Primal Spirits of the Material Plane emerged, giving rise to the Feywild and the Shadowfell. This pantheon included Archfey and potent nature spirits, each vying for sovereignty and individual power. The Material Plane itself stands as a convergence point for the dynamic interplay of these three fundamental forces. (3xp)

This all might seem like pointless exposition at the moment, and in the short term that may be, but the knowledge will prove useful in the future.


Now, in the early hours of March 19th, half of the Gang finds themselves prepared and poised to depart Hammerfast through the West Gate. A compelling proposition from the Trade Guild beckons: the task of clearing out a contingent of Stirges that have infested a cave near the hamlet known as Soldier's Rest. The villagers harbor suspicions that these Stirges may have been responsible for the demise of a farmhand—a courageous teenager who endeavored to rid the area of these menacing creatures. Soldier's Rest is less than 10 miles south along the Iron Road.

The Party included: Ida the Handsy (wizard), Turmus the Thermos (warrior), Bob of the Bong (elf), Phallis the Feral (halfling), and Player #5 (not present).

The Gang embarked on a three-hour journey south to reach the hamlet of Soldier's Rest and arrived before noon. Welcomed by a concerned elderly lady, they learned about the young farmhand who had ventured out two days prior to confront the aggressive Stirges infesting a nearby cave. Fearful of these bloodsuckers, the villagers hesitated to approach the perilous site.

After traversing a trail for half an hour, the Party reached the cave, intermittently hearing the ominous buzzing of Stirges. Their discovery was grim—an arid body of the farmhand, still gripping a cudgel smeared in dried blood, lay nearby, alongside a sizable Stirge wing. Staring at the cave entrance, the Party acknowledged the potential dangers and wisely refrained from a reckless charge.

In a strategic move(?), Ida the Handsy proposed using the farmhand's desiccated head as a diversion. The gruesome attempt yielded minimal success. Undeterred, Bob of the Bong summoned a robust pig and directed it into the cave—a clever ploy that attracted Stirges in clusters. As the buzzing creatures descended upon the now fleeing pig, Turmus swiftly hurled a Potion of Explosion, easily dispatching the menacing Stirges. Mission accomplished. (2xp)

The Party ventured into the Stirges' cave; its floor now scattered with the burnt carcasses of the vanquished creatures. The cavern, however, held only desiccated animal husks and bones. To the south, a fissure caught their attention, revealing a glint of daylight. Upon closer inspection, they discerned that the fissure was a natural tunnel, seemingly widening ahead. Traversing this path, they discovered it led to a dead end, with daylight streaming through an opening above. On the cave floor lay the ancient remnants of a shattered skeleton, its belongings remarkably intact. Evidently, this unfortunate soul had fallen into the hole long ago.

Upon examining the skeleton's possessions, the Party uncovered a modest bounty: 3 gold pieces, 44 silver pieces, and 20 garnet shards, each valued at 5 gold pieces. A particularly intriguing find was a bark-skinned map, guiding them to a grave marked as the "grave of the grey soldier." Judging by the map, the Party surmised that they were in close proximity to this mysterious grave. Intrigued, they resolved to locate and explore its secrets. (2xp)

The Grey Soldier's Grave
Swiftly, they arrived at the Grey Soldier's Grave, nestled in a crevice between colossal boulders, concealed by overgrown brambles. Closing in within 30 feet, the Party discerned an unusual rustling beyond the foliage. A moment of hesitation gripped the group, prompting Phallis the Feral to bravely step forward for a closer inspection. Unveiling the source, Phallis discovered two menacing giant centipedes, each measuring six feet in length, their mandibles dripping with potent poison. An intense battle erupted, marked by the deadly dance with the venomous adversaries.

In a critical juncture, Turmus faced a daunting decision—choosing between saving Ida or Phallis. Ultimately opting to heal Ida, the sacrifice of Phallis the Feral became the somber outcome of the skirmish. (3xp)

The intrepid heroes (or perhaps, less charitably, grave robbers) boldly unearthed (alas, desecrated) the resting place of the Grey Soldier. Among the pilfered treasures were a silvered sword, a sturdy steel helm, and an imposing shield. As their probing continued, they also uncovered a mysterious bronze key and a revealing journal chronicling the exploits of the departed warrior, Archinel Dugo.

Archinel, a formidable and mercenary figure, was renowned for both his ferocity and avarice. The concluding section of the journal outlined Archinel's final wishes, specifically detailing his desire for the return of his magical broadsword and armor to the tomb of their origin. A poignant entry also divulged the clandestine whereabouts of Archinel's remaining wealth.

Armed with this newfound knowledge, the Party discerned their next destination, fueled by the unfolding legacy of the Grey Soldier. (1xp)

Once they laid Phallis to rest in the ground, the Party retraced their steps to Soldier's Rest, where they encountered Father Morta Dello, a Cleric devoted to Daenthar, the Mountain God (Moradin). His ever-evolving accent journeyed across the entirety of the Mediterranean, with a notable pause in Ireland, perhaps Jamaica too. Evidently, this courageous individual had set out with the intent of tackling the Stirge menace, only to find that the Party had beaten him to the punch. With a member down, the Party graciously extended an invitation for Father Morta to join their ranks. (1xp)

In need of recuperation, the Party took a respite in the hamlet of Soldier's Rest, where they rested and restored their strength over a span of four days.

Tomb of the Grey Soldier
The Party embarked on a journey southward along the Iron Road for an hour or two before veering westward for an additional hour, eventually stumbling upon the door to the ancient tomb. Located on the sheer face of a hill, the tomb's surroundings featured a picturesque waterfall just south of their location. Armed with the bronze key, the Party gained access to the hallowed Tomb of Archinel Dugo.

As they traversed deeper into the tomb, Bob of the Bong astutely identified a potential hazard—a trapdoor in the floor, adorned with planks hanging on the walls. Bob fashioned a makeshift bridge using the planks, guiding the Party safely across the treacherous pit. (2xp)
The subsequent chamber revealed a spacious rectangular room with doors to the northeast and northwest. Old jackets littered the floor, and an intriguing staff caught Bob's eye. Upon claiming the staff, Bob discovered its unique ability to detect gold, akin to a Dwarf's keen sense. Meanwhile, amidst the old jackets, someone stumbled upon 5 silver pieces. (1xp)

Eager to lead, Father Morta Dello, opened the door to the northwest. Unfortunately, he triggered a trap, narrowly avoiding the worst of spears that shot down from the door's top. Alas, his ordeal was far from over, as four ghouls lurked beyond the door, hungry for fresh faces.

In a unique move, Father Morta Dello cast a Darkness spell, enveloping both the Party and the ghouls in a shroud of magical obscurity. The ensuing chaos unfolded as a tangled dance of flailing limbs in the dark. Regrettably, one of the ghouls found its mark on the cleric's face, delivering a fatal bite. In his dying breath, Morta Dello bid farewell with an "Arrivederci, me laddies!" The Party finished off the ghouls. (4xp)
End of session.
Everything above was rewritten by ChatGPT.

Rules Clarification:
A cleric may use Turn Unholy while in darkness or blinded. However, a physical barrier, such as a thin wall, will protect the target creature from Turn Unholy.
Turn Unholy is not Detect Unholy. Spamming Turn Unholy when there is no urgent threat will piss of your detity. Expect retribution. In essence, when your cleric Turns Unholy you're asking your deity for some emergency help; so if you use it "just in case there might be undead present," it will make your god feel like they're being taken for granted. And that's the worst thing you can do to a god.

We're doubling XP now!
Total session xp 21 (2)= 42 xp

Bob 46
Turmus 220
Ida 51
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I'm the Straw Man in your argument
So I won't do the ChatGPT rewrite again. It certainly improves sentence structure and pads the word count, but way too floral. Every noun doesn't need an adverb and adjective. Plus I like using my own words, and it's probably better exercise for the brain.
Anyway, here are the area maps I'm using:

Nentir Vale, 6 mile hex

Hammerfast Area Map, 2 mile hex

Hammerfast with Ward Borders

Gate Ward, Hammerfast



I'm the Straw Man in your argument
Merry Christmas! Recap from 12/17

Pulp DnD

pulp dnd.jpg

Tomb of the Undying Hero

Previously: The Gang has followed the trail of clues leading to the Tomb of the Undying Hero in hopes of more loot. They’ve passed the initial pit trap at the entrance. Next, they explored a large room with doors to the southeast and southwest. They found some minor loot and a staff of gold detection in here. Last, they opened the southeast door and fought some ghouls.

The Gang rested while they waited for the lingering effects of Father Morta Dello’s Darkness Spell to wear off. His corpse was somewhere in the middle of that Darkness. This is when Wiblo the Halfling stumbled upon the Gang. Apparently, he’d been following the Gang because he was bored in Hammerfast. He brought his buddy Verdio the Thief with him. He seemed trustworthy. The Darkness dissipated and Wiblo, Verdio, Turmus, Bob, and Wuzra decided to open the door to the southwest. The corpse of Father Morta Dello was soon forgotten. Easy come, easy go, I guess.

Knowing the door to be trapped, Turmus opened it and waited for the spears to spring harmlessly downward from the door head. He then hacked the spears into splinters. The door opened into a hallway that mirrored the one to the east and, just like that other hallway, there were four ghouls waiting for them. The Gang dispatched the four ghouls without much worry. Wiblo actually reached the fight for once and did aplenty of stabby stabby with his twin short swords.

The Gang assumed that the hallway was trapped, so Bob the Elf summoned a pig. They sent Wilbur scurrying down the southwestern hall, as it turned a corner eastward, he went out of sight. Turmus spotted a flash of lightning where the pig went around the corner and Wilbur squealed with its dying breath. It soon smelled like breakfast to the Warrior. As the Gang crept forward to discover what happened to Wilbur, Bob the Elf spotted a hand sized false stone embedded in the western wall of the hallway.

Bob pressed the false stone and a section of the wall slid open. Inside was a small room with stacks of shields littered across the floor. A single shield that reflected like a mirror was hung on the wall. Turmus claimed the magical +1 shield. Some of the others may have grabbed a shield.

The Gang continued down the hall to discover what exactly happened to Wilbur the Pig. The hallway did a ninety degree turn eastward and then continued out of the torchlight. Wilbur’s corpse was soon found, still slightly smoking. Two metal knobs (aka nubbins) were spotted near the western corner of the hallway. Verdio spotted where the pressure plate triggered the Electricity Trap but couldn’t figure out a way to disable it. The Gang then backtracked to the Large Room and proceeded down the Eastern Hallway, where they spotted a similar pair of nubbins in the eastern corner of the hallway (See Pic Above). Verdio was able to disable this pressure plate.

Meanwhile, Bob the Elf spotted a secret door in the east wall and later in the south wall.

The Gang opened the sliding secret door in the west wall. This time there were simple wooden racks that held various armor and helms. Wiblo searched for some Halfling platemail but found none. Propped up on the wall were finely crafted chainmail (magical, +2) and a nifty helm (Infravision aka Darkvision 60 feet). Turmus claimed both.

The Gang pressed the false stone that triggered the secret door in the south wall. This room was bare, except for a black hole in the center of the floor, which light could not penetrate. The Gang paused and huddled up and discussed what to do next. Bob the Elf volunteered to jump down the hole, and nobody objected, so it was decided.

Bob jumped down the hole and braced himself for impact. His feet slipped a little bit when they hit the pile of coins, but he managed to stay upright. The Elf stood up straight and reached upward. His hands could touch the ceiling if he jumped a little. Wait a second. Shouldn’t that be a hole? Yep, old Bob was caught up in a screwed-up situation. Unbeknownst to everyone, that hole remains open until something passes through. When that happens, the hole becomes solid for 30 days. Likely trapping anyone who passes through. Which just happened to Bob. Bye Bob.

“What’s his name? Thom Wilson? Yeah, {😊} you, Thom Wilson! And {😊} your {😊}ty trap design! {😊}ing {😊}hole.” Turmus cursed. The futile attempt to break through the fourth wall and directly address the adventure’s author* echoed throughout the Tomb of the Undying Hero. The Gang moved on, leaving Bob behind.

There was a door to the north, on the other side of the hallway. The remaining four members readied themselves. Judging from their crude map, they could tell this door opened to the center of the tomb, a prime location for something particularly nasty.

Turmus opened the door onto a ghoul in some tattered finery with a rusty sword in hand.

Although this ghoul was a little tougher than the others, it was an easy battle. The Gang found a magical Flame Sword in the next room, which Turmus claimed… again. It is midafternoon on March 24th at this point.

*Adventure: Off the Beaten Path. Available at drivethrurpg com

The Other Guys

Now, we return to the other half of the Gang. It’s March 19th again and we’re back in Hammerfast. Ned, Eni, Abboud, Eyeblo the Halfling (new guy), Thaddius the Thief (Neutral, new guy), Verdio the Thief (Lawful, new guy), and Wiblo waved bye-bye to the first half of the Gang earlier that morning. Around noon, Wiblo and his new buddy Verdio decided to chase down the party that was hunting Stirges. They both figured that nothing else interesting was going to happen in Hammerfast.

The remainder of the Gang gathered in the Market Area to listen to offers from the Guilds. They heard that an Otyugh had emigrated down from the Bone Hills and taken up residence near the Trade Road just west of the Five League Inn. The offer was 300gp and 2 cure disease potions (potions up front). They took the offer, packed up their things, and left within 30 minutes.

Ned the Warrior, Eni the Cleric, Abboud the Thief, Thaddius the Thief, and Eyeblo the Halfling reached FiveLeague Inn at midmorning of the next day. The inn is a large, three-story building and stables that’s surrounded by a wooden palisade. Barton, the proprietor, greeted the Gang with the look of relief.

Around a week ago, the first merchants of spring journeyed eastward to Hammerfast. Unfortunately, half of their company was lost when huge Otyugh ambushed them. The huge, lumbering aberration had surprising speed. These merchants retreated back to Fallcrest. Foresters in the area tracked the beast from a distance and reported this back to Hammerfast.

The Gang had a brief meeting with Barton, who explained the situation. He warned that the disease-ridden beast attacked with flailing tentacles and could easily outrun the PCs. With that in mind, the Gang headed westward towards where the beast was last located.

The Gang met the Otyugh about 3 miles west of Fiveleague Inn. Ned, with his (third) two-handed flail and platemail armor, went toe-to-toe with the thing while the others plinked away with missile fire. It worked out well for the Gang, although both Potions were consumed to prevent a rotting disease caught from the Otyugh.

Thaddius cut open the Otyugh's innards and his efforts were rewarded. He shared some slime-covered coins that he found with the rest of the group, although he quietly pocketed the small leather pouch filled with gems for himself. The swindler also had the forethought to mockup some documents claiming that the Gang was to be given free lodging by order of the Guilds of Hammerfast. They Gang enjoyed a nice bath and restful sleep at the Fiveleague Inn.

Back in Hammerfast

The Party that fought the Otyugh returned to Hammerfast on March 21st, while the other half returned on March 25th. Eni met up with Durnel the Librarian. The young man had been busy while the Gang was away, and he was anxious to continue his conversation with Eni about the missing stars (see “notes from previous session” below). A third star was missing from the Night Sky. The Librarian told him that the Guild and Clergy Leaders in Hammerfast were now involved and much has been revealed to Durnel, most importantly how to gain access to the Night Sky and perhaps resolve this.

Here's what Durnel had to say:

In the Feywild's Gardens of Ynn, there exists the Celestial Tree, a massive gateway to the Astral Sea's pocket dimension known in the world as the Night Sky. Crafted by Corellon and Moradin, this sealed dimension holds celestial bodies shaping mortal luck. We mortals in the material world are merely viewing a distant reflection of this Astral creation of the gods.

The Eladrin, tasked with guarding the Night Sky, were gifted the Gardens of Ynn. In some unknown point in time, the Eladrin fell to the Idea of Thorns virus, turning the Gardens mad. To know more about this episode would require knowledge of the Idea of Thorns, which would drive a person insane and further spread the virus.

Surprisingly, the Night Sky functioned with clockwork perfection even the without Eladrin Starherders. Although the corruption in the Gardens lured in many creepy things; including an Azure Dwarf named Bellwart, who was an agent of Ursta the Star Drinker. Carrying Meargmelu, a reddish grain mixed with blood and a controlling fungus, Bellwart twisted the Celestial Tree's already infected Eladrin into the addicted Mormung. These lithe monstrosities stood 10 feet tall, and they served Bellwart who fed them Meargmelu.

Now in control, Bellwart summoned Ursta to the Night Sky's pocket dimension. The once-benign Eladrin Starherders, now addicted to Mormung, gather stars for the Far Realms horror.

End Session

Notes from Previous Session

Durnel the Librarian

  • Eni locates librarian Durnel at the tavern during his evening drink.
  • Durnel confirms a rumor about missing stars.
  • Conversation transitions to celestial bodies and their origins.
Eladrin and Stars:
  • Durnel shares that Eladrin, ancient precursors to Elves, were tasked with safeguarding celestial bodies.
  • Existence of Eladrin remains uncertain, but their ancestral abode is the Celestial Tree in the Feywild.
  • No insights on traversing into the Feywild.
Stella and McCann, Innkeepers:
  • Eni talks with Stella and McCann in a library.
  • They can't provide specifics on Stars or Eladrin but offer an overview of the universe's structure.
  • Eni reflects on parallel cosmic theory from Iruk.
Unexpected Turn in Conversation:
  • Klazath is revered as a Lawful God in Iruk and a Chaotic God (Gruumsh) in Nentir Vale.
  • Eni speculates on Royal Guard secrets and gains new insights into their beliefs.
Cosmic Framework:
Everything unfolds across three planes:
  • Chaotic Plane (Elemental Plane of Chaos) for Demons and Elementals.
  • Lawful Plane (Astral Plane) where gods originate.
  • Neutral Plane (Material Plane) encompasses our world, Feywild, and Shadowfell.
Narrative Unfolding:
  • World creation by Elemental Lords of Chaos.
  • Gods from Astral Planes infuse the world with life.
  • Conflict like Greek gods and titans.
  • Primal Spirits of Material Plane emerge, giving rise to Feywild and Shadowfell.
  • Archfey and nature spirits vie for power.
  • Material Plane is a convergence point for the interplay of these forces.
Reference to Cthulhu consuming everything in the end.

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