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D&D Movie/TV Where is all of the Honor Among Thieves D&D stuff, WotC?

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Not sure if the design and production lead time would allow that. If your movie goes well, you want the merch to be available immediately, not five months later once your minions have had a chance to design it and it's made it through shipping hell on the slow boat from Guangzhou.

That was certainly what I was hoping for (as someone who's only mildly interested in the movie but would jump all over a beefed-up FR setting book). But we're not even seeing a movie-branded starter set, and that'd surely be the most no-brainer directly gaming-related tie-in imaginable.

Not if they are already doing a Honor Among Thieves POV FR setting book.

We are in a scenario where, after people leave a movie called Dungeons & Dragons, the tie-in starter set they might pick up off the shelves will be branded with Rick & Morty or Stranger Things.
I would think that they should have had a Movie based adventure and starter set... but then again I would think you would want to line that up with the new edition not a year before the new edition... just in time to learn a system then go try to learn all the changes.

Here you go, official Honor Among Thieves D&D minis and plush figs, the "whole collection": Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves

I'll note from the Holga action figure which is already in EB games and be bought, she's not a Dwarf, she a human Ugthatht (I'll get the proper spelling later Barbarian of the Elk tribe).

I wanted to buy one of the action figures, but I decided not too. Besides I really preferred an action figure of Szass Tam.

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