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D&D 5E Which attributes is associated with which energy type

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Hmm. I am not sure you can always link energy type to save type, because it will depend on the specifics of the effect that is associated with the effect..
For example, if someone is throwing ice arts at you, dex seems appropriate to dodge the dart (but maybe it's no save at all and an attack instead, depending on the specifics of your system), but if someone is freezing your body, con/fort seems right. If someone is enclosing you in ice however, it might work better as str, as you can break out of the ice.
Maybe some are more strongly correlated to a particular ability - dex often fits well with fire, because you're basically trying to evade the flames. Though if someone tries to turn you into a living torch, maybe con would still fit better.


Just thinking about spells; fire and lightning tend to be dexterity. Thunder and cold are normally resisted by constitution. Psychic is normally an intelligence save, though wisdom is also represented. Necrotic and radiant are all over the place though constitution shows up a bit for necrotic, both have wisdom showing up as well.

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