Which books do you re-read regularly?

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These are in regular rotation every couple of years:
Silmarillion, Hobbit, LOTR
Amber (Corwin’s Chronicle)
Dune through Chapterhouse
Various Heinlein, Asimov, Clarke, Bradbury

Once a decade:
Hitchhiker’s Guide
Tom Clancy (only those written by him)

Wolfram stout

Conan Short Stories (I don't have the complete collection, so instead of re-reading, I should really buy another book)
Elric Saga (I have never read the other Eternal Champion series, I should really buy another book)
Lord of the Rings
Not in a while, but I use to re-read Chronicles of Amber every 3 years or so, along with Myth Adventures, Thieves' World, and the Vlad Taltos series.

I just happen to be re-reading my Conan Book, and when I finish I have decided to either get the next in the series or to jump to one of Moorcock's series I have never read.

The Lord of the Rings + The Hobbit & Silmarillion would be at the top of my list. For a long time, I would routinely cycle through reading them, again and again. Because there will always be a 90s-era Goth in me, Billy Martin's Lost Souls and Drawing Blood, too. And Dracula is a book that reveals more details and has actually gotten scarier with each re-read.


Too many to name, really.

Lord of the Rings
Lone Wolf Series
Fighting Fantasy Series
Battlefield Earth
Shannara Series
Drizzt Series
Asimov Series (it's really one big series from the Empire trilogy through to the End of the Foundation Series)
Prydain Chronicles


I used to read The Thomas Covenant series regularly, but the last time with the Final Chronicles rather burned me out on it.

I think I'm burned out on Dune for a while as well.


Elder Thing
As much as I like Cook I picked up the first Garrett book but couldn't finish it. I'll give it another go soon.
One unfortunate hallmark of the film-noir aspect to the books is a fair bit of sexism in the early books.

It eases as the series progresses and Garrett himself develops and becomes more likeable as a person (as does his friend Morley, who is even worse about the sexism) but I've known a few people who couldn't get into the books for that reason.


the ones i've reread the most
Lot of Feists early books
Ervis Cale books
Player of games
Sight or protus
Monster hunter series
I'm sure there are more,but thats what comes to mind

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