D&D General Which Enworlders do you want to game with?

Bill Zebub

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I should have posted this one on Feb 14th.

Which Enworlders do you have a secret gaming crush on, meaning that you wish you could play a game or campaign with them?


@iserith, @Charlaquin , @Bawylie (RIP), and @Ovinomancer (RIP) because I nearly always appreciate what they have to say about game philosophy (e.g. metagaming, player vs. DM empowerment, agency, orcs and racial ASIs, etc. etc. etc.)

@Manbearcat and @pemerton to try something very different from D&D (like Torchbearer)

@M_Natas and @Eyes of Nine because their #Dungeon23 designs are so cool I figure they must be fun to RPG with

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Most of the young ones, to instill in them some measure of my style and perspectives to carry forward.

Some of the older ones, whose style of play aligns with my own.

All of the trans and queer ones. Because we're the best players especially together.

Specific shoutouts to DM Sarah, Morrus, Ranger Wicket, Timespike, and various members of the EN Publishing discord whose forum-handles I don't know.

And a shoutout to Guyboy, one of the greatest "Yes and" and most invested players I've ever known.

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