D&D General Which Enworlders do you want to game with?


Doing the best imitation of myself
There are so many Enworlder's that I've interacted with over the years. If the OGL issue has done anything good, its brought some of them back to post again. I'd love to game with all y-all. As someone who lives where Eric (used?) to live, I have always felt really lucky to be here.

Best to all you old people out there!

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Victoria Rules
There's a whole bunch of you lot who I'd love to game with, just to see how it goes and (in some cases) what your games look like in practice; but if it's not in person across a table it doesn't count. Failing that, it'd be fun to just sit around in a pub somewhere and talk about game stuff over a beer or three.

Also, and contra to what seems to be the prevailing opinion here (what else is new! :) ), I'd probably introduce myself as Lanefan first and then my real name, so as to avoid confusion and allow folks to put a face to the online handle.

Whizbang Dustyboots

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I highly, highly recommend doing GenCon Online this year for everyone. I've done it since 2020 and even the handful of bad games had great people in them and I don't regret playing in them. (I'm strongly considering running a game this year as well.)


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Aww, thanks, @Bill Zebub

I feel like I’d get mad imposter syndrome if I knew I was DMing for a fellow ENworlder. Like, “oh no, they’re going to realize I talk a bigger game than I can actually run!” 😅
Honestly, I don't believe my experience with your posts (or indeed basically anyone on here) would lead me to expect flawless DMing. Even with most folks I stridently disagree with, which there are more than a few, I'm certain a reasonably good time at least could be had by all, whether a one-shot, one-adventure, or long-runner game. Nothing I've seen from you has made me believe you would be even a mediocre DM, but I don't think I'd expect the world from you either--everyone deserves a chance to define themselves, not just live up to (or exceed) whatever image I've constructed of them.

I suspect the only real thing that would affect things is whether I have heard that certain users employ particular, shall we say, controversial DM techniques.

But, besides Charlaquin, I think I'd be very likely to enjoy playing alongside/in a game run by @AbdulAlhazred, @Aldarc, @pemerton, @Campbell, and @CreamCloud0, recognizing that this is an extremely non-exhaustive list. Those are just names that come to mind relatively quickly.

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