D&D General Which Enworlders do you want to game with?


Also, and contra to what seems to be the prevailing opinion here (what else is new! :) ), I'd probably introduce myself as Lanefan first and then my real name, so as to avoid confusion and allow folks to put a face to the online handle.

And if I did that there's a 90% chance that they'd go, "Who?", and a 10% chance they'd just roll their eyes and tell me to go away and stop annoying them... :p

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I haven't been on ENWorld for too long. I'd be open to play with anybody, especially if they have a drastically different playstyle and get me out of my comfort zone. There's many decades of experience on these forums and it'd be a treat to interact with it.


I should have posted this one on Feb 14th.

Which Enworlders do you have a secret gaming crush on, meaning that you wish you could play a game or campaign with them?


@iserith, @Charlaquin , @Bawylie (RIP), and @Ovinomancer (RIP) because I nearly always appreciate what they have to say about game philosophy (e.g. metagaming, player vs. DM empowerment, agency, orcs and racial ASIs, etc. etc. etc.)

@Manbearcat and @pemerton to try something very different from D&D (like Torchbearer)

@M_Natas and @Eyes of Nine because their #Dungeon23 designs are so cool I figure they must be fun to RPG with

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Oh, thank you, when you ever come to Berlin, Germany, we can play a oneshot ^^.

Anyone really I find the internet makes mountains out of molehills.
But @Jd Smith1 enjoys running historical campaigns, and that is just awesome in my playbook.
Playing while learning about history - you cannot beat that.

And here is another vote for meeting @JMISBEST, the dude that makes more entertaining threads than even @Snarf Zagyg. :ROFLMAO:


It is to late now, but my first thought was Wrecan :(

However, there are lots of wonderful options. Here are a few I would choose (...if I wasn't such a nervous recluse!), and I apologize as I am sure I am missing many more if I thought about it longer:
  • @Stalker0, they have such over-the-top adventures that sound like a lot of fun and I feel I could learn a lot from them. Also, they have been really great helping me design high level monsters
  • @Yaarel, they have such interesting and deep thoughts about kosmology, faith, worship, and magic that I think a campaign in their world would be great.
  • @Steampunkette, her enthusiasm just bleeds from everything she does, I have to image it shows up at the table
  • @Myrhdraak , I was really impressed with their 4e adventure updates and 4.5e system design. I think it would be fun to jump into that stream again!
  • @Sacrosanct , I've been impressed with their design chops and assume it translates to the table.
  • @pukunui describes really interesting adventures that seem like how I want to adventure
  • @FitzTheRuke has impressed me with their calm and composure and seems to share a lot of my viewpoints. I think I would feel very comfortable in a game with them - and I have to support the brick-and-mortar!
  • @RangerWickett - I love me some ewoks!
  • @Matrix Sorcica , we have had a lot of good discussion about monster design over the years and it would feel like gaming with a friend (which is the only gaming I engage in really)
I'm going to stop here, but there are many more I could put on this list. Unfortunately, I am supposed to be working not make D&D wish lists!
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One day, I hope to actually play DnD.
But, besides Charlaquin, I think I'd be very likely to enjoy playing alongside/in a game run by @AbdulAlhazred, @Aldarc, @pemerton, @Campbell, and @CreamCloud0, recognizing that this is an extremely non-exhaustive list. Those are just names that come to mind relatively quickly.
nice to hear you think i'd be fun to play with, i'll return the same sentiment back at you.

i'd like to say there are more people i'd like to game with myself but i simply can't think of who they are, not to say that there aren't any here on enworld but i struggle to identify and remember patterns of behaviour and preferences of gamestyle belonging to any specific individuals across threads and how those might go on to gel or not with my own preferences.


One day, I hope to actually play DnD.
although i think @payn is one of the few people i can recall with whom i typically agree on their opinions and they seem to agree with me on most things so i'd like to give a game with them a fair shot.
separate message cause i don't think edits add the ping

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