D&D 5E Which of dice is the most special? Why?


My most special are my original dice from 1981, and a set of jade d6s I got in Alaska in 1983. But when I play, I have a dice set that matches my character archetype. For example, when I played my shadow sorcerer, my dice were black, smoky, with greys and blues.

Although, now as I get older, my dice are those I can read easily. So none of those fancy dice.

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He Who Lurks Beyond The Veil
Nowdays I get a new set for every PC I play, unless it is a one-shot. As a GM I use a few special sets (the first three I ever had and a set of rainbow gem). I also have a hoard that is communally usable by my players if they don’t have a set of their own.

Despite only playing virtually for the last two years, the pandemic increased my dice goblin tendencies for a while. Dice made of wood, yeah, I should get a few of those. Ones that are candy corn colored, oh yeah! These dice are handmade by a small independent crafter, I should definitely support them. I've since gotten ahold of myself.

With Gary Con coming next week, if all goes as planned, I'm going to get to actually roll real dice. Which means picking out which of the dice I bought are going to get brought with me.

As we were playing yesterday my dice were two feet away, but I just asked the player next to me for an extra set of theirs because I was too lazy to get mine. As long as they roll they'll work. I have a bunch of Chessex sets and a few odds and ends but nothing special or unique. I am thinking of getting a set of the DCC dice with the d5, d7, d9, d16, d18, d24 etc, but $50 is steep. I used to buy new sets when I started running or playing in a new campaign in years past but I think I have enough now.


One of my players used to have a special set and, I gotta say this one particular die was multi-purpose dice and literal caltrop. I was always tempted to get a set just for the OMG reactions but never pulled the trigger.
download (44).jpg

P.S. Yes, they're made of metal.


My most special definitely has to be my translucent d20 that's damn near impossible to read, and actually only goes from 1-10. It's useless, deceptive, and I love it.
I have many twenty-sided dice numbered 0-9 twice as in the old days, mostly bought from Gamescience. I am much happier with them as d10s, being true Platonic solids, than with handling the geometric abominations that are currently fashionable as d10s.
People will occasionally grab one of my icosohedra and roll it as a d20. They are generally disappointed with the result.

The only die I actually consider special is the rhombic dodecahedron. I don't own any, but that's a die I would want to have. They're a very distinctive shape, and yet have the same number of faces as a regular d12. (Would actually make a d144 really easy to do, too--no need for adding 0s to one of the d12s, just declare the pentagonal dodecahedron is the "twelves" digit and the rhombic is the ones digit.) d12s are also really nice because you can easily convert them into d2, d3, d4, and d6, AND the rhombic dodecahedron has the bonus of actually tiling space, like the cube.

You could quite easily reduce a super-comprehensive set of polyhedral dice to just, say, ten each of d8, d10, pentagonal d12, rhombic d12, and d20. (Heck, you could even cut out the d10s and just roll d20s and halve the value, just like with the d12->d6 conversion.)


12 sided

Because I like to watch the confusion on peoples faces when they think they just rolled a 20 sided.
Answering my own question, but I got some special 12-siders. They have pips instead of numbers: two each of 1-6.

Rolling damage for a fireball with "8d12" made my DM do a double-size double-take. Good times.



There was never any method to my dice collecting madness. I just saw something I liked and bought it. It then was dumped unceremoniously into my dice bag.

I did tend to use the same dice repeatedly...the ones that seemed to roll well, but I'm sure it was selective bias.

I'm talking in past tense because I haven't rolled a physical dice in about 2 years, as my group went completely virtual starting with Covid.

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