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D&D 5E Which three topics do you most want to receive official (WotC) treatment?

Which three do you most want to receive official WotC treatment?

  • Dark Sun

    Votes: 61 33.5%
  • Dragonlance

    Votes: 26 14.3%
  • Eberron - More Khorvaire (be it setting stuff and/or story arcs)

    Votes: 4 2.2%
  • Eberron - Beyond Khorvaire (Xendrik, Sarlona, etc)

    Votes: 8 4.4%
  • Exandria - more (WotC treatement of Tal'Dorei, other lands, story arcs, etc)

    Votes: 3 1.6%
  • Forgotten Realms - Campaign Setting book

    Votes: 17 9.3%
  • FR: Faerun regional book (any - list preference below)

    Votes: 7 3.8%
  • FR: Beyond Faerun - old lands (Maztica, Al-Qadim, Kara-Tur, etc)

    Votes: 10 5.5%
  • FR: Beyond Faerun - new lands (Anchorome, Osse, Katashaka, etc)

    Votes: 1 0.5%
  • Greyhawk (anything - world, city, castle, etc)

    Votes: 32 17.6%
  • Magic the Gathering settings (any)

    Votes: 11 6.0%
  • Mystara

    Votes: 16 8.8%
  • Nentir Vale (and/or "Nerath World")

    Votes: 21 11.5%
  • Planescape/Manual of the Planes (Sigil and Outlands, Great Wheel, and/or World Tree variant, etc)

    Votes: 59 32.4%
  • Ravenloft

    Votes: 13 7.1%
  • Spelljammer

    Votes: 35 19.2%
  • Lost Settings - any (Birthright, Blackmoor, Jakandor, Coucil of Wyrms, Ghostwalk, etc)

    Votes: 10 5.5%
  • New Settings - any (whether something completely different, licensed settings, etc)

    Votes: 30 16.5%
  • Asian adventures (Rokugan, Kara-Tur, or other)

    Votes: 19 10.4%
  • Deities & Demigods (epic monsters, heroes, demigods, gods, etc)

    Votes: 20 11.0%
  • Epic handbook (be it 16-20th, or 21st and beyond)

    Votes: 22 12.1%
  • Psionics

    Votes: 48 26.4%
  • Other optional rules - any (e.g. Incarnum, kingdom-building, tactical combat modules, etc)

    Votes: 57 31.3%

  • Total voters


You can pick three and only three. Which do you most wnat to receive the WotC treatment? That is, hardcover and/or boxed set - but with an actual physical product involved.

I'm not including an "other" option as I'm guessing everyone will have one, so feel free to list it below, or any other specifics you might want to share (e.g. which FR region you'd like to see, or what kind of rules options or new settings you hope for).

Have at it.

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Doug McCrae

Real world historical, especially real world magic, similar to Green Ronin's Mythic Vistas Medieval Players Manual or Cubicle 7's Renaissance Deluxe.


1) More creatures, foes and adversaries. I never tire of that. NPCs with unique motivations and story hooks.

2) Domain building, mass combat stuff. But streamlined. I don't need to know how many potatoes are in the castle's larder.

3) A Greyhawk setting book that expands the area around Ghost of Saltmarsh - Azure Sea.
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Works 60% of the time, every time
1. Epic level content. I know that statistically it's not a high number of campaigns that use it (though given that there is zero official support for it this is a bit of self-fulfilling prophecy). But, during the entire run of 5e surely we can have something?

2. Birthright. It was really cool. Plus it rolls up a bunch of that domain stuff into it anyway and taps some of that sweet, sweet generational Pendragon juice.

3. Mystara. Like FR, but actually interesting.

Asian (Rules before specific setting. Like the 3.0 version, but better rules)
Dark Sun

Everything else on that list I either don't care or believe could be even better in someone else's hands.

the Jester

Planescape, psionics, and other, with Greyhawk really close behind.

The other for me is domain management, kingdom building, and mass combat.


Limit Break Dancing
My answer is the same each time this thread comes up.

I'd like for them to issue an official Mystara campaign setting (including all Gazetteers and select modules), and I'd like for them to restore the following rules:
  • Creature templates
  • Level adjustments
  • Favored Classes
  • Racial Penalties


Druid of the Invisible Hand
Psionics, Epic Level, and Asian. I don't mean to be negative, but I'm just not interested in the 5e team's take-- or the 5e take, period-- on any TSR property I have any regard for.

I am a little bit interested, however, in seeing what they can do with the building blocks of those properties.

I'd like a nice Manual of the Planes/ Planescape hybrid product.

Past versions have been okay, but I think the design and writing of 5e could make for the definitive guide to the planes.

And Dark Sun because I think they'd add some neat races and psionics as well as a fork-tonne of monsters.


To answer my own question, it is very hard to pick just three, but I voted for Dragonlance, Planescape/MotP, and Magic Settings. For some reason I've been feeling nostalgiac for Dragonlance and would love to see a 5E re-vamping, including Taladas. Planescape/MotP just seems like the a foregone condusion eventually, the biggest gap in the 5E oeuvre relative to other editions. I'm always game for new settings, though I think we won't see anything other than Magic and legacy settings for at least a few years, and I voted for Magic over New not only because they're new to me, but I think they're generally really well conceived and I'd rather see something like, say, Zendikar, than another vanilla-y setting like Exandria (which is fine, but doesn't stand out in my mind from FR and Golarion).

I'd like to see more of the Realms. It's HUGE, yet WotC seems determined to focus entirely on one small section of it. While there's a lot of old information, due to the timeline change, most of it is unreliable/unusable.

While I'm not a gigantic fan of Planescape, the significant changes to the planar cosmology would benefit greatly by an update of the Manual of the Planes.

Psionics. I don't think it's as hard as people are making it out to be. People are focusing on mechanics, when in reality they've functioned differently in each edition. It probably deserves a class, since no single class captures the feel of it. Many classes could benefit from a psionic sub-class, or they can remain tied to the primary class. I'd also suggest a Wild Talent feat to allow normal characters to get some of the action.

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