Which TTRPG did you play in 2019?


In order of most games played :

  • D&D5e
  • Modern AGE
  • Fantasy AGE
  • D&D Basic (Moldvay)
  • D&D 5e adventures of Middle-Earth
  • Star Wars Edge of the Empire (FFG)

Playing Modern AGE was really enjoyable. It's a keeper. Hoping to play it again in 2020.
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in 2019...

I ran a whole lot of Ashen Stars, and some 5e. I've played a bunch of 5e as well, in two different campaigns.

Beyond that, I've run or played a session or two of a dozen or more different systems.


Traveller (Classic)
Paranoia (XP)
Call of Cthulhu

These are my top five, I played some OSR B/X games, Traveller T5 & Cepheus Engine/mongoose 1e; except for short duration or not memorable. There are others in there too.

Duo Maxwell

D&D 5E - Curse of Strahd
Shadowrun: Sixth World Beginner Box
Star Wars: Edge of the Empire Beginner Box
Monster of the Week
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  • D&D 5e - Out of the Abyss
  • Legend of the five Rings 5e
  • Scion 2e
  • Star Trek Adventures
  • Starfinder
  • The Troubleshooters - Played 3 scenarios, and GM'd one.
Can't remember if I played any Star Wars or not.

Jacob Lewis

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It was a year of Star Wars for me. Lots of demos and tutorial games using Edge of the Empire Beginner set and a few extra adventures. The main group I played with ran for six months using Beyond the Rim as a central adventure, but with a lot of other stuff tossed in.

The highlight of the campaign may have been that time the Zeltron Entertainer tried to smooth things over with a Hutt after the group botched a job for him. The player scored a Triumph and a Despair simultaneously on the Charm check, for which I could conceive only one possible outcome... the Hutt liked the Zeltron so much, he decided to keep him as his own personal servant. :D

There might have been some D&D played, too. Wasn't nearly quite as memorable.


About half a dozen one-shots with a group... I can only remember Dungeon World and Dogs in the Vineyard...

Aside from that it was:
D&D 5th
My own supers game
A little Star Wars
And... I can't remember for sure when my Blue Rose game stopped. Might have been the very end of 2018, not the beginning of 2019.

Of Those, D&D and Numenera are the top two. Numenera was #1, but D&D passed it in 2019.

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