Who is Gilbert Grape Eating?



There also might be a need for Fey-on-a-stick vendors. Continual Flame and an insulated pushcart should get that done. Bet you can't eat just one!

Let us expand a bit on your D&D snackbar wagon, what other creatures yould come served on a stick?

- Halfling on a stick (For the big hunger or if you are a troll :p)

  • The classic rat on a stick
  • bat on a stick
Lets just simplify and enhance those two:

Familiar on a stick! It comes in a multitude of flavours: Spider, Toad, imp, beholderling etc.

Now lets get mean when we are already at it:
Kobe unicorn tenderloin served with horn, the gourmet uses the horn instead of a fork, a real healthy diet
Dryad of the season
Kuo-toa flavoured instant noodles
Barbecue summon: Whatever gets conjured ends on the grill
Dungeon meat: This one comes canned .... You might need that unicorn horn after the meal though (As an universal antiseptic and a toothpick).


Sir Loin of Beef
the Red Lobster, rarely-mentioned sidekick of the Scarlet Pimpernel
Betty Crocker
General Mills - his army chews its way through the enemy
Liquor Ish, a candy store
The witch from Hansel and Gretel with the edible (gingerbread? and candy) house is a major villain in the adventure
One of the gods is known for causing manna to appear all over the ground overnight
I think Elf is too delicate to be grilled and served on a bun. Maybe a quick sear on both sides and then something in a light lemon cream sauce? Yeah, that'd do it. Garden veg on the side, and cauliflower mash. Pair with a sweet fruity white from the Southern Realms.

Halfling though, that was born to be in a burger. Slightly gamey, nicely marbled, and generally beer marinated. Grind in a little smoked bacon and lightly season. Mmmm. I'd probably go pretzel bun and handcut fries to round it out. Pair this one with a pint of Bruenor's Best Dark Ale (seasonally available).

And for dessert? Candied Brownies.


Tieflings naturally taste flaming-hot. Serve with bread (whole loaves), bleu cheese and ranch dressing.
Except the tieflings that taste like, ahem, deviled ham.


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Myconid is best served sautéed in butter with green onion and whole garlic cloves, on a bed of cheese-stuffed pasta.


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Wouldn’t Athasian halflings enjoy Gi-Kreen-Mul? (A Half-giant stuffed with a Thri-kreen stuffed with a Mul; baked.)


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A setting like this might have some interesting culinary aphorisms. For instance, their version of Emeril Legasse might claim, “Orc fat rules!”


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Margaret Chorizo
Soy Behar
Lamb Neeson
Veal Patrick Harris
Cheez-wiz Khalifa
Pat Mojito
Cherry J-Lo
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excuse my weebness, but...
thread: haha food-themed names because cannibalism
older manga artists: food-themed names because WHAT?!

but if I have to contribute something, then... Hammibal Lecter, yeah I'm not good at this.


Wouldn’t Athasian halflings enjoy Gi-Kreen-Mul? (A Half-giant stuffed with a Thri-kreen stuffed with a Mul; baked.)
No. Thri-Kreen are covered in armor-quality chitin and do not stuff into anything.

However a Halfling might be able to use the chest cavity as an impromptu oven for some other dish.