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D&D 3E/3.5 Who's with me to share some True20 love?!

First Age

Even better, are you running or playing True20 or Blue Rose 1e? What are you doing with it and how are you finding it? I have the 2008 revised edition, the year that Katy Perry kissed a girl and I completely missed True20. Ah well, better late than never.

My thread prefix is close, as True20 is an interpretation driven from the 3.0 SRD. Now, it may be that the party is over, that there's just a lot of washing up to do, some Dark Fruits to throw away, and something unpleasant blocking the toilet, but I don't care. I'm enjoying running games using this flexible weird cousin of good old 3.0.

Goodbye hit points, hello scary toughness checks against damage for wound conditions. Where's your Runequest left leg? Gone? The powers system felt initially slightly tepid compared to the breadth of spells in PF2e or 5e, but they are quite powerful in play and grow as the caster levels. You can use all the D&D published material fairly straight, especially if you back yourself with Fantasy Paths and the Bestiary books. In fact all the handbooks bring some great value and options to your game.

I'm having a go at running a West Marches style game in Greyhawk. Early days, but also ran L1 Secret Of Bone Hill using True20 and that just flowed from the page, with a bit of thought on Magic Items and GPs. I've yet to run Reign of Discordia to get me some SF going.

So, who's with me? Or are you waiting for True25, built off the 5e SRD? ;)

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Solo Role Playing
So, who's with me? Or are you waiting for True25, built off the 5e SRD? ;)
I doubt True25 will be a thing. Green Ronin is heavily invested into their AGE system with Fantasy AGE, Blue Rose AGE, Modern AGE, The Expense AGE.

I never played True20 but was looking at it seriously as replacement for d20 Modern. Real life kept derailing me until 5e came out. Now I play D&D5e and the AGE system. I'm running my current Greyhawk campaign with Fantasy AGE.
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