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Who's you favorite comic book hero(ine)?


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old school Wolvie all the way, with Cable and Gambit following somewhere behind that. What can I say? I just seem to like x-characters that are more of a loose cannon than the core team.

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Oh, man. There are so many, it's tough to choose.

I'd have to go with Frank Miller's Batman. Smart, deadly, dedicated, resourceful, and just a bit off his rocker.

Some other favorites (in no particular order): Nightwing, Supergirl, Cyclops, Iron Fist, Wildfire, Karate Kid, Slo-bo

Hey Eosin, did you mean Miracleman? Mister Miracle, of the New Gods, doesn't have any powers.


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I'm putting in a vote for Jack Hawksmoor of the Authority, simply because it's such a bizarre concept...the God of Cities.

Plus, he punches peoples skulls out throw their head. And that's cool. :D

Eosin the Red

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Chun-tzu said:
Hey Eosin, did you mean Miracleman? Mister Miracle, of the New Gods, doesn't have any powers.

uhhh, yeah. Just testing.

I forgot Nightwing!!!

When did Wolvie become old school when he was hangin out with Cable? That would be the middle ages, not the old ages.


Hard to pick just one...

Sorta newer:
Spider Jerusalem from Transmetropolitan.
Jenny Sparks from The Authority/Stormwatch
Amy Racecar/Virginia Applejack from Stray Bullets
[edit:] forgot James Robinson's Starman and The Shade

Props to old Vertigo:
Crazy Jane from Morrison's Doom Patrol
[edit:] forgot Shade the Changing Man

Props to Alan Moore:
Miracle Man
Dr. Manhattan

Props to the old-school:
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Let's see how long this list is going to be. :)

From the '80s to early to mid '90's:

Silver Surfer
Manhunter (the bounty hunter)
Sandman (golden-age)
The Hulk (John Byrne and then Peter David's run)
The Spectre
Storm (punk rock version)
The Flash

Supporting heroes (I know some of these characters had their own series at some point, but I liked them prior to that):

Silver Sable
Black Cat
Martian Manhunter
Big Barda

Currently, I don't collect many comics, so my choices are limited, but I'd have to go with Hawkgirl from JSA. And Martian Manhunter is still pretty cool.

As for all time favorites, I wouldn't trade my Spider-Man or Silver Surfer comics for the world, so they would probably be put at the top of my list. I'd also add the Grey Hulk during David's run and Big Barda of The New Gods (I consider her costume to be Kirby's best design ever).

I wouldn't trade my Claremont X-Men either. That series, however, was such an ensemble, all the characters were great for different reasons. Colossus, Kitty Pryde, Wolverine, Rogue, etc., were all great. There was more characterization in a team book than in most solo comics, sadly. :(

Punk rock Storm was pretty cool, though. I miss the '80s, when a 6 ft tall black woman with a white mohawk and dressed in leather could walk down the street and no one would bat an eye. :)

EDIT: How could I forget Doc Samson, the greatest crime fighting, green haired, jewish psychiatrist ever?! :D
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