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Who's you favorite comic book hero(ine)?


I just played a game of Mutants and Masterminds for the first time tonight, and I had an absolutely wonderful time. I ended up using an iconic character, just to get my feet wet with the system.

This got me thinking a lot about a character I'd like to play longterm, and it's been a while since I picked up a comic book. I've been reminiscing about my comic days on the drive home, and I'd just like to hear from some of you guys out there who your favorite comic book characters were/are.

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The EN World kitten
Spider-Man, no question.

After some thought, I'm not including manga in this, since, despite how they're published in America once translated, they aren't "comics" in the strictest sense.

Eosin the Red

First Post
Walt Simonson's Thor or Peter David's Hulk

Mr Miracle - gets the most realistic and the most horrifing comic title (it really answers the question of what if there were super powers).

Honorary mention would be to WETworks - but it blew when they switched creative hands at the end of a 2 year story arch.

Hand of Evil

Wolverine from way back when, before they screwed with him
Nightwing - loved how he became his own hero and out of the wings of Batman and Superman
Lady Death :)
Jade :)

John Crichton

First Post
Off the cuff I'd have to say that Tom Strong is probably the most interesting comic character I have ever read. But I don't really have a favorite... ;)


Tarrasque Wrangler said:


No he was not a Hero, my favorite is Rorsach(SP?) because at the end of it, he was the only one that did not conform with everyone else, he knew what the bad guy was doing and still wanted to stop him.


Difficult call. Spiderman is certainly at the top of the list. Beyond that, either old-school Byrne/Claremont Wolverine or Nightcrawler.

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