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5E Why Lichdom?


Somebody needs to start another copy of this thread now. That way, we can truly compare whether cloning is better than necromancy.


These kinds of questions always make the assumption that every spell is available to every person. NPCs aren’t player characters and don’t get to automatically pick 2 spells at every level from everything in the players handbook. The work with what they can get.

Wizards hailing from the ancient wastes of Nehekara embrace lichdom, because that is what is available to them.

The blood sorcerers of Hecatrix grow vat clones of themselves to capture their essence.

The diabolists of Inifrit drain the life energies of children.

The philosophers of Cant brew potions of longevity... etc etc etc.

Top level magic are part of the higher mysteries that are hidden to most people. It’s about the story y’all.